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EBay Expands Online Wine Business in the UK

EBay Expands Online Wine Business in the UK

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Marks the company’s ‘first substantial foray’ into the wine category in the UK

eBay has partners with a new platform, Worldwine Vines, for the venture.

Following the launch of an online wine shop for customers in the U.S. in April, eBay has recently partnered with a new platform called Worldwine Vines to offer wine to its U.K. customers.

The soft launch consisted of 135 wines, but the company expects to increase its range to 1,000 by the end of the year, with more retailers being added for 2017, reported The Drinks Business.

This marks the company’s “first substantial foray in the category in the UK,” said Paul Anthony Gidley, who created the wine platform.

“When [eBay] decides to do a new category, they do it properly,” he said. “The commitment has been outstanding – it has been a complete conversation between them and me as to what needs to be done and why.”

eBay will offer 48-hour delivery for a flat rate of 6.20 GBP ($8.04) for its wine service. Gidley says the new platform is not only beneficial to consumers, but producers and retailers as well, “by offering them a new route to market with a very established clientele.”

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