Crazy water sea bream

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Recipe for sea bream with crazy water Flavia Imperatore of 06-10-2017 [Updated on 06-10-2017]

L'sea ​​bream in crazy water it is a very simple main course of fish but at the same time also very tasty. In reality, with the same ingredients and the same procedure, it is also possible to prepare other types of fishcrazy water, such as grouper, snapper, sea bass and so on. The meat of the fish prepared in this way will be soft and tasty and you will only have to take care to bone the sea bream and then enjoy a dish like a king. Girls, today I start a two-day event dedicated to an event organized with my husband's company, here in Naples. We will be in a waterfront hotel talking about our marketing and seo software and explaining its features in detail. The proceeds will all go to charity! So today wake up at dawn and run mad to be able to organize the blog, accompany Elisa to school and go to set up the room. A basin and escape; *


How to make sea bream with crazy water

Clean the sea bream by scaling it, removing the entrails and rinsing it with cold running water.
(Here the guide)

Wash the cherry tomatoes and divide them in half.
Put the oil and garlic in a pan and, when the latter is just golden, add the cherry tomatoes.

Cook them for 5 minutes adding the chopped parsley and salt.
Finally, put the sea bream.

Lightly mix the cherry tomatoes, deglaze with the wine and cover with a lid to cook for 15 minutes.

Your crazy water sea bream is ready to be brought to the table.

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