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Elevated Comfort Food in D.C.

Elevated Comfort Food in D.C.

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Interesting comfort dishes in three D.C. eateries.

Wikimedia Commons/Riffrafselbow

Grilled Cheese

The comfort food trend still has legs. Why not? Updating traditional comfort dishes with subtle, intriguing twists can breathe life into classic nostalgia foods. Here are three Washington, D.C. restaurants doing just that.

Ardeo Restaurant and Bardeo Wine Bar recently combined to become Ardeo + Bardeo. The new menu features classic comfort foods executed in playfully non-traditional ways. From scallop schnitzel and a take on steak and eggs (featuring a barrel-cut ribeye), to disco fries with ricotta salata, there's a wide selection.

Grilled cheese tops the list when it comes to comfort foods, and Chef Michel Richard takes this classic to a new height at Central. The new grilled mushroom and cheese includes meaty slices of a house-made mushroom duxelle terrine and Gruyère. The sandwich is served with fries and a four-cheese dipping sauce.

One of the latest additions to the growing D.C. food truck scene is Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine (known less formally as PORC). The mobile barbecue joint is slated to open for full-service in the next week or two with a menu of innovative sandwiches. Offerings for meat-eaters include a rotating selection of sausage sandwiches (such as chorizo with Cabrales cheese and saffron rouille) and a 16-hour brisket sandwich. Meat-free eaters can enjoy a house-made veggie burger, which includes 12 different vegetables.

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