Heart cake

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The eggs are separated. The 5 egg whites are beaten hard with a pinch of salt; set aside. The yolks are mixed with the sugar until they become creamy, then add in turn, the melted butter and the milk. , then sift over the yolks; homogenize. Pour the composition over the egg whites and mix carefully so as not to leave foam.

Pour the dough into a heart-shaped tray (22 x 21.5 cm) or into a round shape (24 cm), with removable walls, greased with flour and lined with flour.

Bake for 45 minutes (15 minutes at maximum temperature, then on low heat). Leave to cool, then remove from the pan. From the top we cut a very thin sheet for decoration, the rest of the top is cut into 2 sheets.


Mix the yogurt with the sugar until it melts. Whip the whipped cream. Cut the pineapple into small pieces and drain the syrup.

Put the gelatin in a cup with 2 tablespoons of water and set aside. After 10 minutes put on a bain-marie and dissolve, DO NOT BOIL. the rest of the yogurt. Pour the yogurt over the whipped cream and mix well. Incorporate the chopped pineapple into the cream.


The walls of the tray in which I baked the top are placed on a plate. Inside the walls, the first top is placed, it is syruped with pineapple syrup and the yogurt cream is poured. countertop. Leave in the fridge overnight.


A larger heart is cut from the remaining countertop sheet, then a smaller one is cut in the middle.

The envelope of Gelee Cake is prepared according to the instructions on the envelope, it is poured in a stretched tray, lined with food foil. It is left to cool, then a small heart is cut.

Put the coconut in a fat-free Teflon pan and brown it a little.

The cake is dressed in whipped cream, the edges are sprinkled with coconut. In the middle we put the big heart, in the middle of it the jelly heart, and on one side the cocoa one.