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Hot Spiked Apple Cider with Ginger

Hot Spiked Apple Cider with Ginger

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Brew up a batch of this hot ‘n spiked apple cider for your next holiday event. Whether you’re hosting a hayride, having a bonfire or you’re just trying to keep a crowd warm, this drink will keep everyone toasty from the inside out.MORE+LESS-

Updated December 10, 2019



gallon quality apple cider


inches fresh ginger, sliced thin

Per drink:

1 1/2

- 2 ounces spiced rum


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    Combine apple cider, sliced ginger, apple slices and cinnamon sticks in a slow-cooker on High for an hour. You can also heat the mixture on low in a pot until it’s steaming and then transfer it to a slow cooker to keep it warm.

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    For each drink, ladle some warm apple cider into a glass and top with 1 1/2 to 2 ounces spiced rum. Serve while warm!

Expert Tips

  • When ladling the hot spiked apple cider into a mug, be sure to include some of the apple slices as well for a cozy garnish.
  • Make this slow-cooker cocktail an all-ages treat by simply leaving out the rum.

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe

Cider Recipes

The Best Recipes we Could Muster
For years our family has tinkered around with new and exciting cider based beverages. In that time we've been fortunate enough to have plenty of willing guinea pigs when it comes to taste testing. Below are some of the gems we've uncovered from scavenging recipe books, polling customers, and experimenting at holiday parties. We are always on the lookout for interesting new applications for our hot spiced apple cider concentrate, so if you come up with a good one, feel free to drop us a line.

Hot Mulled Apple Cider

In Norway, or all the Scandinavian countries really, we like to drink gløgg during Christmas. This is a spiced and sweet mulled wine, but it&rsquos actually more often than not non-alcoholic (Here&rsquos my recipe for it). Now I can extend the gløgg season with this apple gløgg, or eplegløgg in Norwegian, and I am super excited about that. My mom said she actually like this hot mulled apple cider more, and that comes from a Norwegian!

Cut apples into quarters. Leave out seeds and stems. I had them in the first time, along with the white rind of an orange and it didn&rsquot turn out great. I decided I&rsquod rather just leave out the seeds and stems to avoid all bitter issues. However, it will help thicken the cider if you want a really thick hot mulled apple cider.

This one is important, in my opinion: Zest your orange, avoid the bitter white rind, and juice it. This way we get the fresh and tasty zest and the juice, but not the bitter rind!

Add the orange and apples into a large pot along with all the spices. Cover with water. Let it all come to a boil, while stirring occasionally. Cover and reduce to simmer, for 2 hours.

Then you mash the apples with a potato masher or a spatula, give it a good stir and simmer for 1 more hour. Pour the mixture through a sieve and add sugar. Add it in smaller batches and taste as you go to find your sweet spot. Enjoy this hot mulled apple cider hot. Store leftovers in the fridge for 2 weeks.

Cozy up with a good book or a movie, friends and family, hot mulled apple cider and pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies. It&rsquos Fall after all!

Need more inspiration for Fall treats?

I&rsquod love to hear your thoughts on this. Either in the comment section below, or tag me @thegingerwithspice on Instagram. And don&rsquot forget to Pin it for later!

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3 Delicious Ways to Spike Your Apple Cider

Spiked cider is ideal for parties: no shaking required, no juicing, easy to make four or eight or twelve at a time.

We’ve never encountered a hot apple cider—spiked or not—that didn’t smell incredible. But often, especially if cooked too long, ciders can be far too sweet and cloying. It’s pleasant to cradle a mug in your hands, but too sugary to really enjoy drinking. The solution? Less time on the stove, less sugar added, and, since this is a cocktail column here, a judicious pour of spirit. Spiked cider is ideal for parties: no shaking required, no juicing, easy to make four or eight or twelve at a time. Each of these recipes makes four servings scale up as you need. These are full-on cocktails—not just juice with a splash of booze in it—so pay attention to serving sizes drinking a whole pot’s worth in a big mug might, ah, get you into trouble. ਊnd, don’t worry, each of these ciders will make your kitchen smell as good as ever.


Just add Tito’s Handmade Vodka, warm spiced apple cider, and ginger beer to a Tito’s Copper Mug.

Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

  • Tito’s Fresh Fruit Mule
  • Tito’s Watermelon Soda
  • Tito's Guava Water
  • Tito’s Mangonada
  • Tito’s Kimchi Bloody
  • Tito’s Saké Club
  • Tito’s Peach Plum Mule
  • Tito’s Yuzu Collins
  • Tito's Red Lotus
  • Tito’s Cucumber Mint Cooler
  • Tito’s SakéTini
  • Tito’s Pear Blossom
  • Tito's Kickin' Mule
  • Tito’s Cherry Limeade
  • Tito’s Summer Mule
  • Tito's Sour
  • Tito's Cherry Infusion
  • Tito's Tea
  • Tito's Mulligan Mary
  • Tito's Kiwi Kickoff

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Crafted to be savored responsibly.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka is distilled from corn and is certified GLUTEN-FREE. Distilled and bottled by Fifth Generation, Inc. Austin, Texas. 40% alcohol by volume.

"We bought every vodka that was on the shelf, tasted all of them and came up with the two best ones. When mine beat those two then I figured that I had my formula right." - Tito

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