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11 World Whiskey Cocktails to Try Now

11 World Whiskey Cocktails to Try Now

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Sure, you’ve had plenty of bourbon and scotch. So it’s time to get to know other whiskeys from all around the globe that are as perfect in cocktails as they are for drinking neat. These delicious drinks incorporate a whole world of whiskey from places like Ireland, Canada, Japan and more.

  • Spice things up with this concoction. Honey liqueur helps to mellow out the bite that Irish whiskey can bring, while fresh orange juice and simple syrup add sweetness, and a dash of Angostura bitters brings it all together over ice.

  • This isn’t the classic New Orleans cocktail you’d expect when you hear the word “Sazerac.” Instead, it’s a spirit-forward yet light combination of moonshine, rye whiskey, brandy, Italicus aperitivo, absinthe, and fennel and celery bitters.

  • Tincup and Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach whiskeys only need a little bit of Orinoco bitters to transform into this twist on a classic Manhattan. Serve over ice and garnish with an orange twist for a little bit of a more traditional flair.

  • Japanese whisky stars in this light and refreshing sipper. When mixed with chilled green tea and soda water, the whisky takes on an uplifting quality that’s perfected with a delicate maple leaf candy garnish.

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  • This cocktail from San Francisco’s Dirty Habit combines Japanese Yamazaki whisky with Fernet-Branca, Madeira and vanilla liqueur for an elegant yet spirit-forward sip.

  • This classic will help you warm up and fight off colds all in one. Fill a warmed mug halfway with boiling water, then sweeten it with sugar and stir in lemon juice and your favorite kind of whiskey. Garnish with a clove-studded lemon wheel and chase the chills away.

  • Turmeric has been making its way onto cocktail menus lately, and this drink proves that the spice has definitely earned its place. Irish and Wyoming whiskeys, a little bit of bourbon, Calvados, Bénédictine and cane syrup get a jolt of earthy flavor from turmeric bitters.

  • This crisp sip features flavors of apple and cranberry. Shake together Canadian whisky with sour apple schnapps and cranberry juice, then garnish with an apple slice to accent the drink’s beguiling tartness.

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  • It’s hard to go wrong with a recipe that includes two kinds of Irish whiskey. Case in point: this beauty. The spirits get an extra boozy boost from two kinds of brandy, while verjus blanc and passion fruit syrup help to even everything out.

  • Rye, Averna amaro and Punt e Mes come together in this cocktail to make a drink that’s a variation on the Manhattan. A flamed orange peel garnish may seem a little excessive, but the burnt citrus finish it gives the drink helps render it perfect.

  • The Dark ’n Stormy gets a savory punch in this spin on the classic. Two kinds of Irish whiskey, lime juice and ginger syrup give the classic flavors, while cardamaro, Orinoco bitters and tamarind chutney add unexpected rich savoriness. Top it all off with a splash of vanilla soda and a dusting of nutmeg.

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