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First Escondido Gourmet Food Truck Festival Rolls Into Town

First Escondido Gourmet Food Truck Festival Rolls Into Town

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Enjoy a variety of savory and sweet bites from San Diego’s top food trucks

Pierogi Truck serves Polish pierogies including a meat variety with caramelized onions, bacon, and garlic sauce.

Orfila Vineyards & Winery is holding the first Escondido Gourmet Food Truck Festival Sunday, Nov. 18 in Escondido, Calif., from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Orfila Vineyards & Winery parking lot. The food truck festival features sweet and savory fare from San Diego’s top gourmet food trucks.

Guests can try fiery Thai-style wings from Thai 1 On, Polish pierogies from the Pierogi Truck, slow-smoked barbecue at Slow Cal BBQ, and Cap’n Crunch crabcakes at Two for the Road. On the sweeter side, brownies, cupcakes, parfaits, and even chocolate-covered bacon will all be on offer at the Sweet Treats truck.

While the Escondido Gourmet Food Truck Festival is open to all ages, those who are 21 and older can explore Orfila Vineyards & Winery's wine-tasting room. Guests can get six tastes of wine for $10, or purchase wine by the bottle or the glass.

Other food trucks that will be participating in the Escondido Gourmet Food Truck Festival include Devilicious, Groggy’s Fat Sandwiches, Not So Fast! Food Truck, Chubby’s Burger, and Underdogs Gastro Truck. Admission to the food truck festival is free.

Tayler Stein is a Junior Writer at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @TaylerSteinTDM.

Mobile food pantry rolls into town

Anchor House Family Assistance Center and Pantry and Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana presented the second Jackson County Mobile Pantry on Tuesday.

The two-hour event was in the Cummins Seymour Engine Plant overflow parking lot along East Fourth Street.

Free food was available on a first-come, first-served basis as long as supplies lasted. All Jackson County residents were welcome to line up in their vehicles for the drive-thru pantry.

“Last month, we had just a crazy turnout and people were arriving hours early, and it really clogged up the parking lot,” said Megan Cherry, executive director of Anchor House. “It affected how people could maneuver, so it was quite congested the first hour or so. This time, we were ahead of the curve, and it was a much better process.”

Story continues below gallery

At the mobile pantry, Cherry helped guide cars into the line.

Due to the setup time and getting cones in place with help from the Seymour and Brownstown police departments, vehicles were to start lining up for the pantry at 2 p.m., but they started coming in around 1:30 p.m.

Seymour Officer Ben Miller and Brownstown Officer Ryan Cherry were on hand to keep things orderly and help direct people where they needed to go once they entered the parking lot.

Using a bar of soap, Officer Cherry marked the number of households needing food boxes on the windshield of each vehicle. If a friend or neighbor was unable to be at the mobile pantry, another person was allowed to pick up an extra food box for that family.

Around 4:45 p.m., a man on a bicycle pedaled through the parking lot with a food box balanced on the handlebars.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” Officer Cherry said as he watched the determined man ride away.

Volunteers working Tuesday wore face masks and observed social distancing. As each car approached the front of the line, the drivers were asked to keep their windows up as Indiana National Guard members loaded food into each vehicle’s trunk, back hatch or truck bed.

Sgt. Marcus White was among the National Guardsmen helping guide cars through the two lines, and he also helped load food.

“We’re stationed at Gleaners and they do all the mobilization, and we assist them distribute food out in the communities,” White said. “Last week, we cleared an entire school parking lot in 20 minutes.”

Each household received assorted pasta, canned goods, cereal, trail mix, pancake mix, peanut butter, canned ham, breakfast cereal, bags of frozen chicken and two bags of onions.

The first mobile pantry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic was conducted earlier last month, and Megan Cherry said around 450 households were served.

The countywide mobile pantry with Gleaners is not done on a regular basis in Seymour.

“This is strictly just trying to help meet the needs of this pandemic and people being out of work,” Megan said. “We are a Gleaners agency, so aside from the small school pantries, we’re the only Gleaners agency in town.”

She said they have been in close contact with Gleaners throughout the pandemic to make sure they could bring as much food as possible to Jackson County.

An estimated 40% of people seeking food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic had not needed help before, according to

Families typically receive one emergency food box per household and also receive some fresh produce and frozen meat. Each mobile pantry varies based on what is available.

“We’re really appreciative to Cummins for letting us use their parking lot,” Becky Voelz, Gleaners’ local service manager for the southern part of the state, said while helping direct cars to the exit. “When we arrived today at 3 p.m., there were a lot of cars lined up, and it was a beautiful sight.”

Brianna Henderson, a SNAP outreach specialist for Gleaners, also helped direct cars in the parking lot.

On Tuesday, the Gleaners semi held a total of 5,507 pounds of food. Voelz said it was loaded for 600 households, and by the end of the day, food was distributed to 501 families.

The Gleaners mobile pantry is tentatively scheduled to come back around the end of May at the same location and time. Information will be released once plans are finalized.

Gleaners also hosts mobile pantries for senior citizens in the western part of the county.

The next senior pantry is scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon May 15 at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, 476 E. County Road 100S, Brownstown, for Jackson County residents ages 55 and up.

The Community Foundation of Jackson County recently awarded a $2,500 grant to Gleaners from its Jackson County COVID-19 Response Fund to help the agency meet the growing demand for food assistance in the wake of the pandemic.

“We have been a support of Gleaners with grants in the past to help fund its BackSacks program in our community’s elementary schools,” said Dan Davis, president and chief executive officer of the foundation. “We hope this latest grant from the COVID-19 Response Fund will help Gleaners confront growing food insecurity caused by layoffs from the shutdown of many jobs across Jackson County. We appreciate their efforts.”

BackSacks is a weekend food program for kids. Each BackSack includes shelf-stable food that does not need refrigeration. There are seven food items and a bonus item.

The foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund also has provided grants to Waymaker Ministries Inc. to help feed those in need and to purchase backpack misters for the Seymour Fire Department and Jackson County Emergency Medical Services.

The misters help enhance decontamination procedures of ambulances and firetrucks making medical runs.

The foundation also has awarded grants from two donor-advised funds to food pantries operated by Anchor House, Community Provisions of Jackson County Inc. and the Boys Girls Club of Seymour to help with their COVID-19 work.

The Tasty Yolk Food Truck Rolls Into Fairfield w/ Gourmet Breakfast Sandwicheses

It sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s actually the start of a “yolk!” Chefs Eric Felitto and Jason Cade of The Chelsea teamed up with their friend and banker, Michael Bertanza to create The Tasty Yolk food truck located at 4700 Park Avenue in Bridgeport. Despite the rain, the truck made its debut on Thursday May 5 to lots of customers eager to try their gourmet twists on breakfast sandwiches.

“Every year, we try to figure out how we’re going to make our fortune,” jokes Felitto. “We finally decided to use our skills and make a food truck.” The trio makes for the perfect team. Felitto, Chef at The Chelsea, can coordinate with Sous Chef Cade so that someone can attend to the truck while continuing to work at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Bertanza works just across the street at Fairfield County Bank. It’s easy for them to come together.

Both Bertanza and Felitto are in the midst of expanding their families as well. Bertanza’s fiancé and his son Gabe are regulars at the truck.

“We put Gabe to work, but sometimes he misses a shift because of his Saturday morning cartoons or is late because of a nap,” says Bertanza with a smile.

Felitto is also engaged. His fiancé, Allie McHale, has experience in the industry and lends her hand at the truck. She previously worked at Barcelona and currently works at Rothbard Ale + Larder.

“We really have each other’s back,” Felitto attests.

And it seems the community has The Tasty Yolk’s back in return. All graduates of Fairfield High, their friends, customers, and family members all rallied around them to help them make their dream into reality.

“We had so much warm, welcoming help,” Felitto says with sincere gratitude. “It was unreal how many people gave their time to us not expecting anything in return.”

Fittingly, the local area is the major inspiration for the cuisine. Everything comes from local purveyors. For example, they get the chorizo from Craft Butchery and the delicious sandwich rolls are custom made for them at Good Bread in Portchester.

When they first got their hands on the truck, nothing but the outside walls were intact. All of their friends from a variety of professions pitched in to make it the shiny black truck lined with sleek stainless steel that it is today. A friend who went into carpentry built the window and restructured the vehicle. An electrician added all of the fans and outlets. Others designed the logo and provided them with T-Shirts.

“A customer of mine at the bank even put the logo on the truck for us!” exclaims Bertanza.

Just three days after opening, they invited CTBites down to the truck to try their fare.

Right now, the menu is small, but mighty. It appears on a chalkboard at the counter- a contribution from another friend! There are three breakfast sandwiches that cost $4 each. Each sandwich includes two freshly cracked eggs with high quality fixings pressed inside- gourmet rifts on the bacon, egg, and cheese. There is also $5 burrito and a griddled smashed potato side for $1.

The aptly named “pig” sandwich comes with bacon, eggs, and American cheese. “The tasty” has chorizo, eggs, and cheddar. Steak and Swiss are at the center of “The Banker” and “The Fatone” breakfast burrito has bacon, pico, eggs, and cheese. I opted for “The Banker” with a side of smashed potato while my dining companion selected “The Tasty.”

The first thing I noticed about “The Banker” was the sheer size. It definitely required two hands to eat and oozed with delicious looking ingredients- a steal for the price. Next, I admired the perfectly golden roll. As mentioned previously, they are custom made for the Tasty Yolk. Although they started out by requesting a rendition of the Kaiser roll, the end result is so much better. It looks more like a bun than a roll the chefs attribute its full shape to its ability to perfectly steam. The consistency is reminiscent of a croissant. It is flaky, but dense and flavorful.

Within the roll, I found a perfectly cooked egg- soft, but not runny or messy- and slices of top round steak. The steak is roasted right there on the truck, adorned with salt, pepper, and herbs before cooking for about three and a half hours.

Upon recommendation, I completed my sandwich with a smear of “Chef’s Sauce.” The exact recipe remains shrouded in secrecy, but they did reveal it contains “pretty much every pepper you can imagine.”

I loved “The Banker!” The savory steak perfectly complemented the soft egg and the sauce imparted a touch of spice… all encased in the pillowy, decadent roll. It kept me happily sate for hours.

My companion raved about “The Tasty.” Once again, they were generous with ingredients. The chorizo came as a patty. The meat had hints of spice that went well with the sharp sweetness of the cheddar cheese.

We both loved the griddled smashed potato side. It looked like a small, thick smashed potato patty with a perfect char… and we found out that’s literally what it is! The chefs take a red potato, smash it, and finish it on the griddle. From there, guests can adorn it with just the right amount of salt, pepper, ketchup, or the assortment of sauces on the counter.

The chefs are content with the size of the menu as they start out- it allows them to focus on executing the offerings perfectly as they get a feel for business on the truck. However, they will occasionally toss in a surprise special. Over opening weekend, they obtained a beautiful smoked ham chop and used it to make their take on ham and cheese.

What else is on the horizon for The Tasty Yolk?

“I’m really looking forward to the private parties,” says Bertanza. They are already booked for a wedding in September. The truck is also slated to make appearances at food festivals and the Memorial Day parade.

“The great thing is that we’re chefs. We can do custom menus. If a guest wants tuna sashimi, we can do it! If they want pizza flatbreads, we’ll do it. Anything they want!” chimes in Felitto. In fact, they are planning to incorporate a raw bar into the upcoming party.

In the weeks ahead, Felitto hopes to pasteurize and bottle their special sauce.

“I hope it becomes the new sriracha of college dorms,” he says with a smile, gesturing to the adjacent Sacred Heart University campus.

The trio is also toying with the idea of making the truck more mobile, but for now they are incredibly happy with their location at 4700 Park Avenue. The college students love visiting the truck. It is ideally suited for commuters, too. It is located just off the Merrit Parkway and has ample space to park.

Bounty Food Truck: Farm to Mobile Kitchen Gourmet Burgers + More w/ ALL the Juicy Details

Burger month? Pssshh, what Bounty Food Truck and its three owners have in store for you will make every single day burger day and have you quivering, falling to your knees in praise of the burger gods. This, all from a brand new food truck that’s just entered into its first full-time week traveling around Westport. The owners, James Edkins, Chris Vacca, and Christiaan Rizy, all from the Westport/Wilton area, are ready to make your mornings, days, and maybe even nights a little better.

The Chef: Chris Vacca

Like any great food truck, it all starts with a talented chef who’s manning the grill, coming up with great menu choices, and pumps out awesome food quickly. And, you could say Chef Chris Vacca has been around the kitchen a bit󈻮 years, actually. Not only is he a graduate of the CIA, he has also traveled the world, and worked in culinary meccas like NYC (Park Avenue Cafe, Le Madri, Il Toscanaccio), Napa (Cantinetta Piero), Italy (Antica Trattoria San Lorenzo), and other European spots like Switzerland (Giradet), and he also owns Trevi Trattoria in Wantagh, NY. He has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants and also has local connections, recently consulting at Zaza in Scarsdale and 323 Restaurant in Westport. By his side are James Edkins and Christiaan Rizy who help run the food truck, offer up guidance, resources, business planning, organization, and help in growing the food truck into an even more successful business. Bounty Food Truck all began because they loved seeing the mobile food truck scene thriving in NY and thought, hey, we can do that. And do that they are…

Where They Are Going

They just visited the Westport Farmers’ Market today and will hit up Wakeman’s Field in Westport on Saturday. But, don’t fret, they’ll also be hitting up other spots in Lower Fairfield County. They already have their certification to feed your need in Stamford and just got approval to visit Norwalk a few hours ago. So, by now you’re probably asking what kind of food will they be serving? Let’s do it:

Bounty Food Truck is like a high end burger bar on wheels (hot damn, we just wet ourselves). But, for Chef Vacca and co. it all has to do with quality. They’ll be making their patties with their own proprietary blend (via Saugatuck Craft Butchery) that’s hormone and antibiotic free and comes from grass-fed cows. And, to get you the freshest 6 oz. patties, the burgers are fresh ground daily. Just check out this lunch menu (more menu items mentioned below):

Simple Burger: lettuce, tomato, onion $7

Bounty: american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, spread $8

Bacon Blue: apple wood bacon, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion $9

Bordelaise Burger: caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, malbec butter, arugula $10

Border/Santa Fe Burger: chorizo, mushroom, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, avocado spread $9

Lobster Roll: lobster salad, lettuce, wave hill lobster roll $15

Chef Vacca isn’t using your standard, store bought sauces, either. He’s mixing up his own batches for use on the burgers to highlight flavors like The Bounty Spread: a mixture of ketchup, mayo, mustard, coriander, pickle juice, lime, and ground capers. Keeping that burger in place will be some Wave Hill Bread buns, based right in Norwalk. And, adding even more to the local vibe of this truck are the veggies that they are sourcing from Easton’s own Gilbertie’s Farm. They actually purchased a bed with them to ensure that they’d have the best and freshest supply of veggies around like lettuce and tomatoes. Eggs are supplied through Holbrook Farm in Bethel, they are getting yogurt from New Pond Farm in Redding, and will be getting lots of fresh dairy from Arethusa Farm & Dairy in Litchfield. Yeah, it’s the best of CT farms on a food truck!

Evolving Menu Items and Meal Services

But, don’t expect Chef Vacca, James, and Christiaan to stick to just those key menu items. They want to be able to “move it around a little bit, excite people, and keep ourselves creatively inspired.” They have already begun with breakfast service down at Shippan, Harbor Point. They are serving up light dishes like yogurt parfait, but are also making BBCs (Bacon Bounty Egg and Cheese), egg and cheese sandwiches, croque monsieurs, and more. Looking ahead into the future, they would love to park at a busy area and feed the need late-night with things like sausage and peppers, Chef Vacca’s take on a Philly cheesesteak, and of course burgers. And, you can possibly look forward to some more creative ideas to hit the menu soon like:

• Bunny Chow (hollowed out bread bowl) stuffed with all kinds of amazingness (African in origin, though they’ll put their spin on it no doubt)

• Specialty sandwiches like one that includes roast pork, broccoli rabe, pesto, sharp provolone, and other ingredients

• The Bulgogi Burger which includes a short rib burger (the meat marinates in a Korean style BBQ sauce), quick pickles, cilantro, and Asian slaw

Looking Ahead

The Bounty Food Truck has already hit it big and they’ve only just started. One person at the Westport Farmers’ Market told him today that his burger was the best one he’d ever had…and, after talking with Chef Vacca today and Christiaan yesterday, we don’t doubt it. We are dying to get our hands around the burgers and we bet you are too. So, check them out at the Westport Farmers’ Market, the Rowayton Music Festival, the Norwalk Boat Show, and other spots throughout Lower Fairfield County. Keep up to date with what the boys are up to by following them on Facebook and Twitter. They also do catering and private parties, so hit um up at (203) 493-1396 or [email protected] if you’d like more info.

In the meantime, we’ll be dreaming about all these burgers, especially the Bordelaise Burger that Chef told us tasted just like you’re eating a bowl of French Onion soup. Damn…just damn.

Gourmet hot-dog cart rolls into town

SURE, Culver City gadabouts are cooing over the passatelli in brodo at Fraîche or are eagerly awaiting the opening of Father’s Office for their burger fix, but devout dog fans are lined up at the cheery red and yellow cart parked on the pedestrian-only stretch of Helms Avenue. The draw? Grilled-to-order “grass-fed dogs” served up with heaps of caramelized onions on soft, buttery buns.

Chalk it up to a former Chez Panisse meat forager (a fancy name for meat buyer). Sue Moore’s hot dogs are made from free-range, grass-fed beef sourced from Hearst Ranch in San Simeon. Moore, co-owner of San Francisco-based Let’s Be Frank, got the idea for the “dogs gone good” while working at Alice Waters’ renowned Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley. “Alice is a big grass-fed fan and was buying two head of cattle every other week,” Moore says. “I wanted to use all the trimmings because this stuff was so good.”

Moore teamed with Larry Bain, formerly of Acme Steakhouse in the San Francisco Giants ballpark, to develop a nitrate-free grass-fed beef frank. “We went through dozens before we came up with the best flavor combo,” she says. The winner was a dog lightly spiced with garlic and paprika in a lamb casing. Judging by the website ( photo of Waters noshing on the signature frank, she deemed it the winner too.

While Ol’ Blue Eyes belts out “My Kind of Town” through the iPod speakers perched on her cart, Moore scoops up a dog and settles it into a lightly grilled bun. “What about Larry’s homemade pickled Padrone peppers?” she asks a customer. “It’s the last of them, so after today it’ll probably be bread and butters -- if I can find the time to make them.”

This spring they’ll park a cart on the Santa Monica Pier for the outdoor concert and movie series, doling out beef franks, a pork brat and a half-beef, half-pork “pup dog.”

Two years ago, Moore and Bain set up their first cart outside AT&T Park on game days, another in Crissy Field on weekends. When Moore drove a cart full of dogs to L.A. for “a dog-crazy friend’s party” in the fall, she heard the Helms Furniture District was renting street vendor space. Four months later, she and Bain drove a cart to L.A. (for now, she mans the L.A. cart he runs the San Francisco operation). Why L.A.? “We’re a weather-permitting business, and, well, it rains a lot in San Francisco,” she says.

* New York transplant BondSt restaurant has opened in the Thompson hotel with executive chef Eric Gordon preparing Cal-Japanese dishes and sushi chef Hiroshi Nakahara at the sushi bar.

Thompson Beverly Hills, 9360 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, (310) 601-2255,

* Coffee roaster LA Mill has opened its Silver Lake coffee “boutique,” with a Providence-designed menu and specialty drinks created by the house “coffee savant.” The “other” caffeine fix: Pinkberry says one serving of its newest coffee fro-yo flavor has about the same caffeine as a cup o’ joe.

LA Mill, 1636 Silverlake Blvd., Silver Lake, (323) 663-4441,

All Pinkberry locations,

* Mixologist Albert Trummer has left Fraîche to open his own New York bar, Apotheke, and says he plans to open a Los Angeles cocktail lounge within the next year.

* Kokomo Café in the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax has lost its lease and will close on Feb. 1. Fried catfish fans can still get their fix when the restaurant reopens in the former Eat Well Beverly coffee shop in February.

7385 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 933-0773.

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LobsterCraft food truck rocks lobster! Rowayton, SoNo..and beyond

We told you about the LobsterCraft food truck a few weeks ago. Gourmet, buttered lobster rolls, freshly caught from our local seas. Is there anything better, especially in the summer time? Nay, nay we say. Well, the stars and planets were in perfect alignment last Friday. See, we were both free during lunch so we headed to the Rowayton Farmers’ Market to check out the local goods and down some lobster rolls. As we walked through the market we searched around, like sailors in desperate search of land. Avast! We saw a truck and a few people hanging out around it, chowing down. We looked at each other, smiled, then walked faster. When we got to the window we saw they had four different lobster rolls to buy and even a lobster dinner for two at $40.

Coastal, $14: butter, lobster, seasoning

Heat Wave, $14: habanero infused hot butter, lobster

California, $16: avocado, cucumber, ginger soy, lobster

LBLT, $16: lobster, bacon, lettuce, tomato

We feel a Heat Wave ‘comin on!

We both wanted the Heat Wave lobster roll. How could we resist? We placed our order and they gave us a choice of either kim chi slaw or regular coleslaw. We both went for the kim chi slaw that had a nice spicy kick and had a good balance of herbs and the vinegary taste of the fermented cabbage.

The Heat Wave itself was a thing of beauty. Start with freshly baked buns from Muro’s Original NY Bakery and Deli, butter them, then grill them up. Next, pile on a generous amount of lobster, then coat the seafood in the habanero infused butter. While the roll had a spicy kick, it wasn’t too hot to handle by any means. There was also a nice balance of butter, too. Sometimes you feel like you’re drinking butter when you have a lobster roll, but this wasn’t the case at all. The meat itself was cooked perfectly and tasted so fresh. Squirt a little lemon on it and it’s PERFECT! This was Dan’s favorite!

Part of the reason the lobster tastes so fresh is because Captain Mike Harden catches most of the lobsters himself from his boat named The F/V Jennifer Lynn. If he can’t catch enough lobster on a particular day, he’ll get the lobster from other local fishermen. You get the feeling that he’s been doing this for a while and it’s not his first rodeo, um, clambake, er lobster fest?

We then decided we’d introduce ourselves. Mike remembered us from our first post and helping to spread the word. In a very generous fashion, he let us sample two other rolls. Here we go:

Bacon and lobster, the happy couple

LBLT: The crispiness of the bacon and lettuce contrasted so well with the tenderness of the lobster. Killer. Plus, there’s bacon. Yeah. Bacon and lobster. There’s also a little aioli on top which we know can cause some controversy. See, there’s a huge debate about mayo being used in a true lobster roll (Kristien is not a fan) but this was just drizzle of aioli so it doesn’t count.

Kristien’s favorite, the California!

California: Although they had run out of avocado, this was still a great roll. With the good green stuff, we could only imagine how much more awesome it would be. Starting off, the cukes added a nice contrast in texture and light taste and the ginger soy added a nice kick. This was surprisingly Kristien’s favorite.

Bigger Plans for LobsterCraft

Not only will the truck be at the Rowayton Farmers’ Market on Fridays 12-5, but it also looks like LobsterCraft found a nice spot in Norwalk Monday-Wednesday. Yup, check them out in Oyster Shell Park at the end of Ann Street. That’s right in front of the Maritime Museum. They are also (thanks Danielle) going to hit up Westport Farmers’ Market on Thursdays. There are also plans to hit up Stamford! Check out their FB and Twitter for where they’ll be.

Already thinking ahead to the cooler seasons, Captain Mike and LobsterCraft have other things up their sleeves (or claws). Think of a killer lobster bisque, lobster raviolis, and even a lobster lasagna. We think the new menu items will match the seasons well and we look forward to try these dishes, too.

Also worth a gander is the lobster dinner cruise. You gather up 6 people then ride out on The F/V Jennifer Lynn. You’ll catch some lobsters and Captain Mike will put together a killah dinner. Info’s up here.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

This trip, Guy Fieri's gettin' a big taste of the Far East. In Las Vegas, the city's original Japanese spot rolling out serious sushi and traditional udon. Then, the Vegas winner dealin' in righteous pork and an Asian spin on classic grilled cheese. And in Denver, the Korean barbecue joint firing up the grill for a meaty all-you-can eat flavorfest.

A-Z: B for Breakfast Out of Bounds

Guy Fieri searches out some of America's greatest breakfasts: The New Jersey Diner where they're scratch-making more than 30 kinds of pancakes the Kansas City joint with outrageous homemade hash -- and more than 60 different omelets and the tiny spot in Phoenix where the owner is committed to the perfect homemade breakfast, from scratch-made waffles to pesto pork chops with eggs, and everything's cooked in butter.

A-Z: C for Cookin' Up Comfort

This trip, Guy Fieri's diving into all kinds of comfort cooking. In Phoenix, a funky joint stackin' up barbecue fries and a new spin on chilaquiles. In Boulder, Colo., a pizza place loading up the pies and their meatball grinder. Plus, a Dallas spot cranking out all kinds of off-the-chain chicken.

A-Z: D for Dynamite Dough

On this trip, Guy Fieri is diggin' into dishes featuring some dynamite dough. In Mesa, Ariz., a legit Hawaiian joint serving island specialties, including a meaty bun, and in Tucson, Ariz., a place cookin' up a big-time saucy sandwich and spinach dip calzone. Plus, in Miami, Fla., a funky shop making sweet artisan doughnuts and turning their pastries into savory sandwiches.

A-Z: E for Extreme Eats

On this trip, Guy Fieri is divin' into inventive eats. In Burlington, Vt., a funky joint cooking up mac and cheese pancakes. In Richmond, Va., a down-home spot loadin' up their biscuits and going gangbusters with grits. And finally, an artistic eatery in Ottawa, Canada, firin' up spaghetti pizza and putting their own colorful spin on the cronut.

A-Z: F for Fried in Flavortown

Guy Fieri searches out some great joints where they're frying up a storm: A classic half-century old diner in Philadelphia, where a French-trained chef is frying international specialties like spring rolls with duck confit a classic drive-in where Californians line up for deep fried falafel and a small-town California cafe where even the French classic, Chicken Cordon Bleu, is deep fried.

A-Z: G for Grillin' and Chillin'

This trip, Guy Fieri's sampling foods straight off the grill. In Los Angeles, the burger joint spicing things up with a hot pork sandwich and going Mediterranean with a lamb burger. And in Tacoma, the pub grub grill menu that includes a take on killer kabobs and homegrown beet salads.

A-Z: H for Hangin' Hawaii-Style

Guy Fieri checks out the hot spots in Hawaii. A third-generation, family-run joint doing plate-lunch Hawaiian-style. A restaurant by the water, where the daily special really is the catch of the day. A hot dog place serving everything from Chicago dogs to homemade lobster dogs. And an authentic luau, where the centerpiece of the full Hawaiian spread is a whole roasted pig.

A-Z: I for Insane Ice Cream

Guy Fieri rolls out for ice cream, Triple D-style: At the Norfolk, Va., drive-in where they say their founder invented the waffle cone in the early 1900s and they're still making them by hand today at the Arizona creamery making Italian gelato in flavors from tiramisu to real apple pie and the New Orleans favorite doing huge sundaes and homemade ice cream in more than 400 flavors.

A-Z: J for Jet-Setting Dishes

This trip, Guy Fieri's taking on some truly unique eats. In Honolulu, the Jamaican joint servin' up jerk chicken wings and some wicked goat curry. In Arlington, Texas, the Russian spot flipping a potato pancake stuffed with beef. And in Las Vegas, check out a taco stand fillin' up tortillas with some worldly flavors.

A-Z: K for Killer Burgers

This trip, Guy Fieri's rolling out for the all-American favorite, and then some. In Kansas City, Mo., a pub where they're dipping burgers in tempura batter or putting them between a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches. In Truckee, Calif., a warehouse-turned-burger spot loading them with cold cuts and chili. And in Nashville, a Greek restaurant serving a bacon burger with a twist -- it's made with lamb.

A-Z: L for Lights-Out Latin

This trip, Guy Fieri's diving into all kinds of amazing Latin specialties. In Miami, Fla., a husband-and-wife team dishing out primo Peruvian sandwiches. In Wilmington, N.C., a funky joint cooking up the flavors of Panama. And in Tucson, Ariz., a funky fresh spin on tacos and carne asada.

A-Z: M for Mucho Mexican

This trip, Guy Fieri's headin' south of the border to dig into Cancun cuisine, like an authentic, family-owned spot where Grandma's cookin' up real-deal rellenos and killer chicharron gorditas. Then, an underground locals' joint pairing urban art with dishes like off-the-hook pork and seared tuna. Plus, an inside look at Guy's Playa del Carmen restaurant, serving up everything from nachos and tacos to ceviche.

A-Z: N for NOLA Eats

Guy Fieri's taking a tasty tour of New Orleans, Louisiana. He rolls into a legit butcher shop with a funky take on the Big Easy's comfort food flavors, checks out a seafood spot getting uber-creative with their dishes, and digs into a real deal po' boy joint saucing up their oysters and putting out potato salad with a crunchy twist.

A-Z: O for Off-the-Hook Eats

Guy Fieri checks out joints doing one-of-a-kind favorites from coast to coast. In Portland, Ore., a BBQ place smoking trout and lamb ribs in Deerfield Beach, Fla., a beach town pub doing a new twist on Oysters Rockefeller and in Boise, Idaho, a tire store-turned-diner where they'll put just about anything on their mac and cheese.

A-Z: P for Piling On the Pork

This trip, Guy Fieri is digging in and pigging out starting with a Puerto Rican spot in San Antonio that's building a unique take on nachos and cooking up a monster chop. In New Orleans, a gangster grill serves up pork knuckles and some sweet bird. Finally, Guy checks out a funky joint that's making not-your-everyday pork tacos and putting collards in a mouthwatering melt.

A-Z: Q for 'Que-licious

This trip, Guy Fieri's tucking in the napkin and gettin' into some righteous barbecue. In Dallas, the barbecue stand tucked into a farmers market, dishing out classic beef brisket and Carolina pork. And outside Las Vegas, the longtime meat market turning its knives on fresh sausage and slow-cooked ribs.

A-Z: R for Real-Deal Route 66

Guy Fieri checks out places locals have been loving for decades: In San Francisco, a classic joint that's made fresh-carved hot meat sandwiches for more than 60 years in Omaha, an 80-year-old tavern turned fish market and in Pittsburgh, a family place making Italian American favorites for more than 40 years.

A-Z: S for Shut-the-Front-Door Sandwiches

This trip, Guy Fieri's diggin' into succulent sandwiches! In Oakland, a real-deal butchery stacking up killer cheesesteak and off-the-chain chicken. In Modesto, Calif., a funky food truck putting pastrami on pretzel bread and cooking pulled pork in root beer. And in Key Largo, Fla., a seafood staple servin' up a sandwich that's become a local legend.

A-Z: T for Triple D Tailgate

Guy Fieri hits an Oakland Raiders home game for tailgating with chefs from three local joints and Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler. They're bringing the kitchen to the blacktop and cranking out chicken and waffles, double chili cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches with jalapeno pesto, and smoked pork chops with applesauce.

A-Z: U for Unreal Finds

This trip Guy Fieri discovers some hidden gems. In Stone Harbor, N.J., a fish shack flying in Paco Paco fish from the Amazon for a Brazilian specialty. In Long Island City, N.Y., a 14-seat joint doing everything from wood oven pizza to a lunch counter with all kinds of sides. And in Santa Rosa, Calif., a volunteer-run brunch spot where kids are cooking up huevos rancheros with roasted pork.

A-Z: V for Viewers' Choice

This trip, Guy Fieri's going where viewers sent him. In Lexington, Ky., a restored 1951 drive-in that's still serving the same double burger that made it famous. In Jacksonville, Fla., a diner in an old soda shop, scratch-making a menu that goes from meatloaf to stuffed French toast. And in Minneapolis, a breakfast joint celebrates 60 years as a neighborhood favorite.

A-Z: X for Xtreme Cuisine

This trip, Guy Fieri's digging into some dishes like Mama would make if she had a wild imagination. In Philadelphia, a very special guest, Marc Summers, hits the kitchen with Guy for fried PB and Js and tacos that start with the head of a pig. And in Phoenix, the farm-to-table spot dishin' out a dynamite pork sammie and cooking everything from pizzas to pancakes to meatballs in its wood-fired oven.

A-Z: Y for You Made What.

Guy Fieri is hitting the road and taking a detour to find some out-of-the-ordinary eats. In Chico, Calif., a Hawaiian-Asian fusion spot serving up righteous ramen and a fried chicken bao. In Vancouver, British Columbia, a funky joint putting their spin on lamb and pork belly. And in Richland, Wash., a bakery-gone-savory firin' up duck banh mi and sweet potato lasagna.

A-Z: Z for 'ZA

On this trip, Guy Fieri is divin' into the pie and other major mouthfuls. In Boston, a joint putting beer into their crust and then topping it with taco fixins and a steak-and-cola combo. A hard-rock hangout in Santa Fe, N.M., servin' up carne asada pizza and a mind-blowing BLT, and a funky spot in Reno, Nev., giving new meaning to apple pie and showing off their award-winning wings.

A-Z: W for Wings 'n' Things!

This trip, Guy Fieri checks out some serious scratch cooking. In Washington, a soul food joint serving up chicken wings smothered in house made buffalo sauce, where he's joined by NFL player LaMont Jordan. In Kansas City, Mo., a live music spot cranking out a bacon-wrapped, beer-battered, deep-fried hot dog. And in Salem, Mass., a seafood shack doing a lobster martini . and yes, it comes with a claw.

A family-friendly event like no other will hold its inaugural festival this summer, complete with gourmet food trucks, live music, interactive games and performances by global attractions including Max and Ruby and Splash n’ Boots.

Fun Food Fest will kick off its first year at the Historic Woodbridge Fair Grounds on Friday July 13th, and continue throughout the entire weekend until Sunday July 15th.

While the performances and unique activations will certainly keep the children busy, the real show stopper will be the 30 gourmet food trucks offering up delicious food from various cuisines around the world tapping into a fleet of local and international talent.

The weekend long festival will be serving up delicious eats from Kitchen Empire TO, New Gen Foods, Gourmet Gringos, Island Noodles, Gastro Grub, Kanga Meat Pies, Heaven Dreams Ice Cream and All Fired Up, to name a few.

“This festival has been a passion project for me for many years,” said Massimo Grisafi, creator and organizer of Fun Food Fest. “There are so many fantastic events downtown Toronto, but as a resident of Vaughan, I know that there is so much opportunity to create more world-class festivals here that will appeal to a wide range of audiences including families, couples, friends and, of course, food and drink enthusiasts.”

The event is slated to include an award winning escape room, oversized bouncy castles, comedians, buskers, clowns, magic shows and a diverse mix of live entertainment throughout the weekend. Organizers say that this first year will serve as the basis to create new ideas and activations for future festivals including potential for a foodie mini-event series, cooking demonstrations, interactive games, competitions and local artist installations.

“The primary goal for our very first festival was to focus on creating an informal atmosphere with world-class food at affordable prices alongside some fantastic entertainment. I think we will definitely achieve that and have a great foundation for our future festivals,” said Grisafi.

Admission to the event is only $10.00 and children under 12 months will be free. A portion of the proceeds from the festival will be donated to Sick Kids Hospital.

“We hope that everyone comes to check us out! There will be something for everyone and it will make for a great family day out”

For more information on Fun Food Fest including opening hours, location, parking and tickets, please visit Tickets can also be purchased on our Facebook page.

Fun Food Fest: A daytime and evening festival in the city of Vaughan that unifies fun, food, music and more for the entire family. Located at 100 Porter Avenue, Woodbridge.

Chocolate Festival Sweetens Ybor City Saturday

TAMPA, FL — Tampa Bay area chocolate lovers may want to set a course for Ybor City Saturday.

That's the day the Ybor City Chocolate Festival rolls into town. Presented by Generation Food Truck at Centro Asturiano de Tampa, 1913 N. Nebraska Ave., the one-day event will feature a wide selection of foods with a chocolate theme.

"Every chocolate thing you can think of is going to be there," said organizer Jeremy Gomez. "You name it, we've probably got it."

Although initially scheduled to take place in Seminole Heights, the event outgrew its intended location. The change to the Nebraska Avenue venue, Gomez said, will provide more parking for the festival, which is set to take place from noon to 8 p.m.

Chocolate dishes will include desserts, of course, Gomez said, but main dishes featuring a chocolate flair are also anticipated. Vendors lined up include The Twisted Iron, Empamamas, The Cake Girl, The Hip Lion, Kombucha Tampa, Rawsta Foods, Thirty-One, Blue Moose Fudge, Latin American Boutique and more.

While food is the main attraction, Gomez promises the family friendly, pet friendly event with free admission offers something for everyone.

To find out more about the Ybor City Chocolate Festival, visit the event's Facebook entry.

Gourmet Sandwich Truck Rolls Into a Town Near You

In the mood for a gourmet sandwich but don't have time for a sit-down meal? No problem, Beach Street Sandwiches has you covered. Connecticut's first gourmet sandwich truck opened for business in June and is already getting some national attention, according to CT Bites.

The truck, operated by Chef Gregory McCarty and Jean Georges, opened for business on June 19 during Madison's Flea Market on the Green. Ever since, they've been setting up shop in towns across the state. Chef McCarty started the business because, as he said, "Anything can make a good sandwich, and everything's better in bread."

Beach Street serves a rotating menu of three to five sandwiches created and prepared by McCarty using ingredients from local farms and suppliers. From a smoked ham and cheese sandwich featuring tender pulled pork, to a stuffed turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, there's sure to be a snack for you.


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If we've got you drooling, just visit Beach Street Sandwiches' Web site to find out where the truck will be next, or by following the truck on Twitter.

You can also help the new business in its quest to become America's top food truck. Starting Aug. 29, you can help to vote Beach Street into the second season of the Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race."

Beach Street Sandwiches is also available for catering for events of all sizes

Watch the video: All Secret Gourmet Food Recipes in Cooking In The Rain Roblox (August 2022).