Claudia cake

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I separated the egg whites from the yolk and beat them with a pinch of salt, then I added the yolks one by one as I mixed, then the milk, oil, sugar, essence, vanilla sugar and finally I added the mixed flour. with the baking powder, when all the ingredients were homogenized I added a handful of coke nut, I mixed and that was it.

I put part of the dough (about half) in the baking tray and in the other half I added cocoa and I put it in another tray so as to make 2 distinct tops, one white and one cocoa.

I left the countertops to cool and I switched to the cream which is already a classic for me precisely because we like it a lot. I wanted to protect her :)

After the countertops cooled, I put the cream between them and put the cake in the fridge thinking it was ready, then the idea of ​​a icing came to me. Initially I wanted to make a white icing because I put the layer of cocoa on top and contrast for contrast but I didn't like the color of the white chocolate when I melted it and put it over the dark chocolate and that's how the chocolate icing came out.

I heated the Gran Cucina cream and then I added the white chocolate previously cut into small pieces, honey and after I stopped the fire I added the dark chocolate. It had a very good taste from the white chocolate and an aspect that I liked much that I think was given by the added honey. I shaved a little more white chocolate on top and that was it.

Great appetite!

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