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Rub the sugar with margarine, add one egg and rub well.

Then add flour mixed with baking soda and lemon juice. knead well, spread a sheet, cut the shapes.

You have to be careful, because the composition is a little soft, but you can add a little more flour to work with the material.

Put in the pan and bake in the oven for approx. 20-25 min. depending on the oven.

Homemade cookies for babies

At the request of the audience, here is the recipe for homemade biscuits for babies. They have nothing to do with what you find in stores as children's biscuits, full of sweeteners, gluten, Euri and preservatives. These are really clean and suitable for babies over 6 months, provided you have already consumed the two ingredients and have not had dubious reactions to them (you know the rule of four days, yes?).

You read correctly. Two ingredients. I read, searched, watched dozens of baby dough recipes, sat down and thought about what to put and how to get a cookie that Sof could handle, lick, suck, chew, swallow , digest and remove on the other side without problems. I don't even give her gluten until she's two years old (I hope). So the variants of classic flour, like wheat, rye, oats, fall. Soy is excluded. Mine instead yes, millet is good. Sometimes I put millet flakes in the fruit puree to thicken it. Otherwise, I don't give Sofia cereals, I don't put them in milk in the evening, they are empty calories, which besides fluffing the baby, have no other great benefits (dada, I know that pediatricians recommend, but um, pediatricians also recommend rice with sugar for babies for four months, so nah, maybe they don't even know them all & # 8230).

These biscuits are as good as an occasional snack, as a treat from time to time, I do not recommend you to accustom your children to sweets every day, no matter how natural and clean they may be. I most often give Sofia to nibble on raw fruits or vegetables cut into small pieces, she kisses us next to her, she often drowns. He likes the activity, he learns to use his fresh teeth, he spends time at the table with us, he imitates us, it's a win win situation.

Good, so millet flour. And a very ripe banana. Mix the two well until you get a slightly sticky and rather soft mixture. We make balls out of it, we put them in a tray lined with flour (also millet), we flatten the balls so as to obtain more biscuit shapes like that, but without making them too thin, so that they don't come out too hard. Bake at 180 degrees. In 15 minutes it should be ready to bake. Be careful not to tan, any burnt food is very toxic. About 8 thick biscuits should come out of a banana. They are strong, only good for the muddy baby. And all he has to do is swallow them. There is no need for other sweeteners, such as dates or figs, the banana is sweet and fragrant enough.

This 80-year-old grandmother gives you her recipe for grass biscuits

Most people Brigitte Biesel's age use mini-songs to read letters, use 80-year-old grandmothers to use them for her. grass & # x103. â & # x20AC; & # x2122; I recently saw one similar to mine on & # x201EBares f & # xFCr Rares & # x201D (German equivalent for Antiques Roadshow). As she talks, she rubs cannabis over her delicate silver cane.

I asked some successful herb smokers if it affects their motivation

Today he finds himself on the terrace of Brigitte's Kopenick, a picturesque district in south-east Berlin. I think I can say that I am the only person here who bakes this specific variety of biscuits, jokes.

Brigitte adorâ & # x103; & # x103 g & # x103teascâ & # x103. In the pre-Christmas season she made rolls of vanilla, star roll and other delicacies for her large family. . â & # x20AC; & # x2122; Todayâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; s biscuitâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; I came to help her prepare her medicine, as she likes to tell her, biscuits, cannabis sweets, procured from a nearby pharmacy.

Brigitte is not trying to break away from the world. â & # x201; I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t like thatâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; I like it, â € she says. On the contrary, due to cannabis, she feels more alive. The grass relieves her chronic pain, helps her get out of bed in the morning and allows her to spend time in the garden. x103, as comfortable as possible, among the roses that I adore, especially in summer and summer when they bloom in various colors.

5 moments when the grass really puts you in the hospital

Her story is told with the testimonies of thousands of other Germans who found in cannabis a remedy that conventional medicine did not have. â & # x20AC; & # x2122; In March 2017, it became legal to â & # x20AC; & # x2122; such re & # x21Bet & # x103 & # x219 and many health insurance companies will not want to cover the costs.

By the end of last year, more than 13,000 people had registered their insurance claims with three of the largest insurance companies in the country. The German government estimated only 700 applicants. â & # x201eHabar they donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t have, â & # x20AC ;? Brigitte said.

& # xCEn the last 60 years. Brigitte suffered from chronic pain. At the age of 19, she was diagnosed with scoliosis, a medical condition in which the spine is twisted and curved. . If you stand behind her, it is clear that she does not have a straight column, but rather in the form of a & # x203ES.

However, Brigitte was determined to live an active life, despite her condition, and at the age of 20 she went skiing. , cyclingâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; Note, â & # x20AC; & # x2122; whileâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; â & # x20AC; & # x2122; After 30 years, she woke up one morning with her body almost paralyzed. â & # x20AC; & # x2122; I couldnâ & # x20AC ;?

â & # x20AC; & # x2122; In a clinic in East Berlin, she was hospitalized and operated on. Strong lights, 20 students and two teachers staring at her, as if she were an alien, she tells me. No one could explain the paralysis. At that time, hospitals in East Germany did not have a CT scan, so the alternative was to collect with a thick, liquid needle from the spine. The pain was so unbearable, Brigitte relieved them.

Doctors found that a disc dislocated between the fifth and seventh vertebrae was the cause of the paralysis.

She lived with paralysis for almost 15 years, when, in the 1980s, three doctors in Berlin managed to stabilize her throat with a piece of bone from her body. # x219old. She regained much of her lost senses. Doctors were allowed to leave communist East Germany to present revolutionary surgery in West Germany, but they never returned. â & # x20AC; & # x2122; I had to do the recovery on my ownâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

Menu 7 months

The first month of diversification has passed! You survived brilliantly if you get to read this article! We move to the menu for 7 months, menu ideas more precisely. I don't want to insinuate that this is the perfect menu, I only come up with some proposals in case you are full of inspiration. I know how hard it is not to know what to give your baby. I still make a plan for a week with Gandacel's food, at least for her to be more organized. Just to avoid this, what do I do with them tomorrow? I brainwash my brain in general on Saturday or Sunday, but after that, I stay like the boyar because I have everything set :). So I have an overall idea of ​​what he eats, so that everything is balanced. And if I still managed to write down which pope, I said to share with you, maybe handcuffs will help a little. I repeat, you do not have to follow everything exactly, especially if you have doubts when introducing a food, it is better to consult the pediatrician first.

We started diversifying in the summer and there were completely different fruits, we tried to adapt the menu to the current period. Depending on when you start, you can give any seasonal fruit, apricots, peaches, nectarines, melons and plums, plums, grapes, etc.

Also, I preferred to pass only the vegetables, remaining at your choice if you want to offer them puree or give them whole.

I offered the whole egg from the beginning, but I went through the table and only the yolk because I know that there is still this fear of egg white allergy and many people prefer to give it after a year. According to the latest studies, all allergens are introduced within a year, but see what your pediatricians advise.

If you offer puree do not forget to add a tablespoon of olive oil. I didn't specify, because I was getting too wide. I wanted it to be as precise and simple as possible.

It would be best to steam the vegetables (including onions, garlic, etc.). Vitamins are stored much better this way than if you boil them.

Don't forget if you use cinnamon, don't use cassia (dark cinnamon from Indonesia, dark color) which is not ok at all. I also discovered this at the recommendation of a mother and I thank her in this way. The ok one is the Ceylon cinnamon (light brown), it is a little harder to find, but it is the best. As a recommendation, you can buy it here online, if you can't find it in stores.

If you have any other ambiguities that I forgot to mention, you can express them freely, I am waiting for them with pleasure, to shake their head somehow.

Below I put the menu for each week. I hope you don't find it too complicated. I tried to make it simple and easy to understand. Where the blue text appears, there is a link that will take you directly to that recipe. Just click and you will be redirected.

If you want it to be easier and to somehow print the menu or save it, I attach the PDF version: 7 months menu.

I also put the version of the pictures, only the network link is no longer available, you will have to look for them manually on the site.

Menu 7 months, week 1 Menu 7 months, week 2 Menu 7 months, week 3 Menu 7 months, week 4

Traditional Albac cakes

I have been waiting for your comments until this hour. Thank you for them. They evoked memories in me, an effect that they certainly had on everyone, which made us a little better and a little richer. The book in my library will go to Irina this time (I just sent her an email to the address with which she registered for comments). Thank you all.

Last week I went to Albac, to the National Fair of Rural Tourism, an event organized by the county authorities in Alba and by the local ones. I was invited to be part of the jury of the gastronomic contest, together with Cosmin Toma, binge and performer of folk music from Alba (thanks for the book) and Ștefan Pădure, former Angst vice president and current promoter of traditional Romanian food.

This year, the culinary competition had as its theme the cakes, in two sections, one dedicated to desserts with berries, the other dedicated to desserts with cheese. I tasted a lot of cakes and pastries, sponge cakes, cornmeal, cakes, pancakes, pie slabs, and even some cakes. I appreciated the appearance, the good taste, the traditional character but also the inventiveness of the person who made the cakes (you know of course that I am a supporter of the reinvention of Romanian cuisine). It was not easy, all participants took the contest very seriously and prepared as they knew best. I'll give you some pictures from there and leave you with a question: what traditional desserts do you know? If you answer this question with a dash and add a short description of each dessert (without a prescription), you can choose a cookbook from my library. Of course, I will give the book to whoever I want, according to criteria only known to me (I am convinced that we will not have discussions on this topic). I will choose the winner tomorrow and I will send the book to him by mail, provided he gives me an address from Romania. Success.


cake (that's what my summer called it, for "gentlemen") with jam (sour milk). I don't know how traditional it is, but it is certainly made of natural products and is measured with a cup and "after leisure" and I only heard of it from my mother in the village.

The apple pie is a traditional dessert. And if we add to the filling besides apples and sugar and a little cinnamon, it is really fabulous and becomes the ideal dish to eat during cold winters, preferably right next to the oven where it was baked and which is not. is still cold & # 8230 & # 8230

& # 8211 pies: - with braza (peasant leaf, sweet sweet cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and raisins)
& # 8211 apples (peasant leaf, grated and hardened apples, sugar and a lot of cinnamon & # 8211 apple and a few raisins or a handful of nuts)
& # 8211 pumpkin (peasant leaf, hardened pumpkin, sugar and cinnamon)

& # 8211 donuts (exactly like the ones your mother made)
& # 8211 cakes (with muuulta nut and cocoa)
& # 8211 Easter & # 8211 traditional with cheese, not with chocolate as nowadays
& # 8211 donuts (shit or jam)

I'm ready to stop because I've salivated enough!

No, I just sent a message to my mother to make me a plum cake and an apple cake. No matter how hard I try, they don't have the same taste as my mother at home :) And if I keep coming back to Romanian lands, at least I will profit.
Instead I have a perplexity. I saw in a picture a label that says scoverji, but it looks like pancakes. Are they pancakes, but are they locally called scoverji? I ask, because I know from my grandmother, that scovers are a little different. My grandmother makes them from donut dough and looks more like the cakes in your picture. :)
Now every housewife and every region of the country with their sweets and names & # 8230 I was just curious :)
A cool day!

& # 8222Return & # 8221 a pie of that with a sheet that stretches as much as a table (or even bigger) with sweet or salty cheese (sometimes with apples & # 8211 on request).

They her & # 8230.Our beautiful westerners & # 8230.traditional desserts you say? considering that I grew up in Sohodil (there, near Albac) of course the most traditional dessert was the cheese pies made by my dear grandmother and served with plenty of milk. tray with sweet cheese, apples, plums & # 8230but, because it was a perfect gasopodina caresses us with chocolate cakes every birthday, with pancakes, baked corn etc & # 8230
You have fond memories with this article & # 8230. Congratulations and good luck with your work.

Alivanca & # 8211 is better known for the sweet version, although in Bucovina it has salty variants, made from corn, fresh cow's cheese and sour cream.
Lap in the waist & # 8211 in the sweet version with lots of cheese and raisins
They both bring my Bucovina and childhood home every time and are traditional, undeniable.

Funny & # 8211 made by grandma. They have to laugh at the jokes, otherwise they will not succeed. Filled with magiun, or with thick blackberry jam or nuts & # 8230Dementiale!
Cocorada or palanet: with cheese or urda. Of course, it can also be filled with cabbage or onions, but then switch from dessert to snack category. Exceptional, anyway.
Too bad he has no one to make us, we, the students, do not rise to the height of the master.

& # 8211 Pancove (donuts) with silvoiz (plum jam) and a lot of powdered sugar on top.

I don't know how traditional or from our area (Baia Mare) it is, but certainly every time I eat something like this I remember my childhood, life in the country, grandparents.

I had a pleasant surprise in Rohia this summer when, after parking my car in the yard of a lady from the area, before leaving after the service, she also served us cakes made by her. I was most impressed by the cake with sweet and aromatic cow's cheese specific to our area. This time, the cheesecake was festive, so it wasn't with crispy dough, but it was placed on a fluffy pandispan greased with sour apricot jam and a thin, glossy layer of fruit icing over the cheese. Incredibly good was the cake but also the gesture itself.

Well, I don't know if they are really traditional, considering that my great-grandmother (who was Hungarian) used to make them, but I mean with fond memory of each of them:
& # 8211 smarni (a kind of fried semolina dough that we eat with sugar sprinkled on top and fruit compote)
& # 8211 plum dumplings (ie flour dumplings and plums stuffed with plums)
& # 8211 poppy / walnut noodles, depending on preferences (homemade noodles, I don't know if he made them something special, boiled and mixed with ground poppy seeds & # 8211 or walnuts & # 8211 and sugar or honey).

Simple dough pies (water, flour and a pinch of salt):
& # 8211 pies on the pan (like forest pies), only I know how to fold them differently, with zamatisha (egg and salt)

Pies with leavened dough:
& # 8211 carpets pie with sweet zamatisha on the pan
& # 8211 pies on the pan (spread a sheet, put the filling on one half, and with the other half cover, press well at the ends) with potatoes and onions, with pumpkin, with onions.
& # 8211 Twists in the oven (with apples and cinnamon, with sweet zamatisha) spread a sheet, then put the cheese / apples on the whole sheet, and roll, put two in the pan, and grease with egg.
& # 8211 pies with plums, cabbage, sweet zamatisha, folded like cheese.
& # 8211 gogosi, langosi

& # 8211 with honey leaves, bee
& # 8211 with three sheets and a cream (I don't know the name) :)))
& # 8211 sprite biscuits
& # 8211 cake with cheese / apples, and with pandispan top (half of the amount of top is put in the oven tray, when the top has hardened a little, put the cheese / apples, not too juicy, and the other half of pandispan)
& # 8211 two-sheet cheesecake (my favorite) the sheets are with cocoa, and the house puts eggs in the cheese, to be a super contrast. Make an eggshell, sour cream, lard (I put butter), cocoa flour. The cheese is made with sugar, butter rubbed with yolks, and two tablespoons of flour, then add the beaten egg whites. Spread a sheet, put it in the pan, then the cheese and a sheet again, and put it in the oven.

Other desserts:
& # 8211 ripe apples
& # 8211 Dried and smoked corn, boiled with plenty of water, and for many hours. serve with sugar
& # 8211 haiose
& # 8211 uncovered (pancakes), uncovered with sweet cheese on the pan

If I still remember, I still write :))))

Well, if it's still autumn, I can only think of the semolina dumplings with plums that my grandmother makes or a pumpkin pie with steaming cinnamon and baked pumpkin with vanilla next to it & # 8230 All served in a setting with copper trees and a mug of sweet must.

Sheet stretched thin, thin and wrinkled like a pioneer's skirt, cheese, milk as you only find in commercials and not at the supermarket, honey and 1h immeasurable in children's impatience, stare at the oven door. Everything made at home, from flour to honey and of course consumed at the gate with dirty and muddy friends on their feet.
I say it here, although it is not the most authentic Romanian product, but I think it deserves a crown for the perfect combination of simple taste. And because in my memories and I hope of yours, warm, fresh milk with unlimited fat content is the best friend of the evenings when, chased by grandparents, we hid in a crib under the duvet, only to discover us in the morning.

I discovered this milk-soaked pie at Mamaie, which has some Serbian roots somewhere. It doesn't have to be traditional, but it's worth remembering. It's too good… I'll come back with the recipe, if you want.

Traditional you say?
Scovergile with sheep's cheese and fragrant garden tomatoes. Ah, when my mother made scovergi I couldn't wait to let them cool down !! (God rest her!)
New potato borscht with larch, sour with aguride. Bestial! Necessarily with all the ingredients in the garden!
The cakes made by the other mother, during Christmas, with ground walnuts and honey! We were licking our fingers and they were always too few for our lust for children!
Yellow donuts with poultry eggs (ducks and chickens), left too much to grow (so it seemed to us at the time) and smeared with plum magic.
These are the foods I remember as a childhood scent. :)

My dear & # nun & # 8230who is a little upset with me now, prepare the best jam with apples, pears and mint and the plum jam is with cocoa not with cinnamon & # 8230.and that's not all! let's all be healthy! (aaa: you didn't put a photo of me at the festival, but you know I wasn't upset)

In my lap, what my grandmother made are the dessert of my childhood, with a sweet dough close to that of cozonac, with cow's and sheep's cheese, eggs and sugar, fresh from the oven, browned and powdered with sugar & # 8230 yummy! I think I'm calling my grandmother to do it for me.

My grandmother used to make & # 8222cake & # 8221. He calls it that because it was the only option he had when a herd of grandchildren came to visit. It was made with sheets of eggs, sugar, grease and flour, silvoita (plum jam) and sprinkled caster sugar on top.

It also seems traditional to me:
& # 8211 biscuit salami with rum and Petit Beurre or Rally biscuits :)
& # 8211 cherry cake made from countertops, juicy cherries from compote and baked with a layer of well-beaten egg whites
& # 8211 and pancovele or ciurighelele!

Malai with milk, made with sour homemade milk and yellow corn flour like egg yolk. Screened, but with larger grains than the one in the store. And when it was ready to bake, so as not to be drowning, she poured a kettle of hot milk over it, which made it a great creamy miracle. And then, wait until it cools down a bit, so that your stomach doesn't hurt !! & # 8221 This explanation has never had an effect on a child! Eh & # 8230 what good times!

At my grandmother's in Oltenia they are made
& # 8211 caterpillars (flour, sugar, eggs and some spices, from which comes a dough that is given through the machine and breaks into bars, then baked in the oven. many days.)
& # 8211 boboneti (they are made the day before Christmas Eve, they are similar to Easter martyrs: from a bread-like dough small rings or a bow are made and boiled in water with sugar. It is eaten with nuts).

This with the & # 8222traditional & # 8221 is a long and endless discussion :) From my point of view, the traditional desserts are the ones I grew up with, so I will pass them here first:
& # 8211 crescents (yellow pandispan from homemade eggs, with ground walnuts and powdered sugar on top, cut with a crescent-shaped glass)
& # 8211 biscuit cake & # 8211 my favorite when I was little, it was made with biscuits soaked in coffee and a cream made with butter, sugar, egg yolks and flavors
& # 8211 cherry bombs
& # 8211 cherry cake (pandispan + fresh cherries or jar)
& # 8211 cake in countless versions, but especially the one with walnuts
& # 8211 pancakes with jam of all kinds
& # 8211 acacia flower pancakes
& # 8211 & # 8222chirosti & # 8221 & # 8211 a kind of donuts that had boiled and crushed potatoes in the dough
& # 8211 gingerbread, with lots of honey and walnut pieces, without today's glazes
& # 8211 donuts as big as a plate, small and round donuts, sometimes with jam, but most of the time just rolled well with sugar
& # 8211 boiled papanasi & # 8211 my favorites in kindergarten
& # 8211 semolina with milk and a little jam on top
& # 8211 rice with milk and a lot of cinnamon
& # 8211 colarezi = a kind of larger crumbs from egg + flour, boiled in sweet and aromatic milk
& # 8211 & # 8222nuts & # 8221 & # 8211 walnut cookies with cream in the middle
& # 8211 compotes of all kinds, but especially apples, pears and plums
& # 8211 jam of any kind, served in plates as big as half a palm, next to a glass of cold spring water
& # 8211 martyrs & # 8211 boiled (as mother did) or baked (as grandmother did)
& # 8211 donuts with osanza, stuffed with jam, jam and walnut or shit
& # 8211 & # 8222tavalita & # 8221 & # 8211 a kind of black woman passed through syrup and then rolled well through ground walnuts & # 8211 I would have eaten the whole tray, or at least that's what I thought when I was little: D
& # 8211 Macaroni with breadcrumbs (this was in times when money was scarce) or with breadcrumbs and walnuts
& # 8211 cake with anything, even simple & # 8211 smelled like a house for 2 days when my mother made it, it was crazy. Now I make them for my mother too, I took over the relay from her :)
& # 8211 apple pies, sweet cheesecakes and raisins
& # 8211 Fruit foam, especially strawberries, raspberries or strawberries collected by us

In recent years, since my grandmother is gone and my mother can't do much, I have adopted traditional desserts from the areas I visited. It would be like this:
& # 8211 baked semolina & # 8211 semolina with milk and cinnamon in the composition, left to cool until it can be sliced. Pass the slices through the egg with sugar and fry.
& # 8211 Banat pancakes / Ana Lugojana & # 8211 filled with sweet cheese + yolks + raisins, covered with sour cream + other yolks + sugar, baked, and finally finished with a meringue from the remaining egg whites and sugar.
& # 8211 poale-n brau & # 8211 no longer need description :)
Probably there are others but I'm already running out of hunger and appetite & # 8211 I hope I made you crave and especially that you have something sweet at hand: D

Ehehe, they challenged me, I remembered and implemented, although I adapted the recipe to the non-stick pan and to this day, which is fasting. Heroine: leavened pie baked on a slab, filled as appropriate, with bellows cheese that stretches in the heat, if it is sweet, or with magiun or jam, why not on the day of fasting. That pie looks like pancakes, only it's a thicker idea and it's not fried in oil but, usually, on a slab smeared with bacon. It was the perfect dessert when we visited the sheepfold: we took the dough prepared from home and made a fire outside, a slab was on the spot where we took the fresh cheese we crushed and with a little salt, it was the perfect filling for our delicacy.

I won't say what traditional desserts I know (it would take me a long time to list them) but only what I like to eat (I'm selfish :)):
& # 8211 Poultry milk - fine vanilla cream made from egg yolk milk, vanilla and sugar, of course on top with the egg white bulbs - delicious
& # 8211 papanasii- boiled or fried I like it anyway
& # 8211 cheese dumplings- made simple dough from water and flour and filled with sweetened and highly flavored cottage cheese (preferably boiled in milk).
& # 8211 don't forget- I think it's one of the first desserts I put into practice- biscuit cake- biscuits soaked in warm milk with different flavors and filled with a simple margarine cream (I know it's not healthy- I haven't done it in a long time, since there was margarine (real & # 8221), cocoa, sugar and rum essence. Leave it to cool and consume it the next day. It reminds me of the & # 8222Cabana & # 8221 cake, one of my favorites.
A great day!

- gingerbread makes my grandmother from the Lapus area, a dough that she spreads in two sheets and fills it with plum jam mixed with ground walnuts, it is good to eat only after she says: & # 8222Our Father & # 8221, six says grandmother.
-when I fast, he makes us a cake with broth, a kind of fasting cake in which he puts broth.
- Pascuta is also special, she only makes it for Easter and it is not salty, not sweet, I haven't heard or eaten in another pasta like that, but maybe it is. She always makes at least 10 that she bakes in the oven outside with all the neighbors around, that the whole house is not that good oven.

noodles in milk (noodles in milk)
semolina in milk with jam / sugar / cocoa / honey on top
polenta with jam (a bit underestimated :))
sieves / lies
noodle pudding (vargabeleş)

A cake that I only met at my mother's is the one with broth (tomato juice). It is a 3-sheet cake, in the dough put oil, flour, tomato juice and others (it is fasting), bake three sheets on the back of the tray and fill with magic. It's a delicacy.
Then there are the "gargoyles", as I called them, they are made of dough similar to donuts, the sheet is stretched, it is cut into diamonds, in each rhombus a cut is made in the middle through which a corner of the rhombus is removed. The result is a braid-like shape that is fried in oil and then powdered with sugar. Both desserts are delicious.

Cheesecakes with cake dough and homemade sweet cheese. I remember my grandmother somewhere in Bucovina getting up at 3 in the morning to wake up and by 8 when we woke up we were already grown and ripe. They looked like shiny, browned, fragrant and extremely tender envelopes. I never managed to reproduce that aroma of vanilla and lemon peel in cow's cheese mixed with sugar and country eggs. I think the flour ground at the bakery near the village, the sugar I received in exchange for the beets, the fresh yeast and the stove with the bottle were the secret.
So for me, brazoiacele is a traditional Romanian sweet.

I am from Sibiu, that is, from the area with Saxon influences and here hencles are made, a cake made of cake dough, spread thinly in the tray, and on top is a mixture of sour cream, sugar and egg, baked in the bread oven. A goodness! Then:
-lichium with plum jam or hardened apples or urda
& # 8211 funny, from the Cluj area. My mother-in-law was a great specialist. Le facea cu osanza si batea aluatul de coltul mesei de 600 de ori. Le facea mici, cat sa inghiti o data, si le umplea cu dulceata de capsuni amestecata cu nuca macinata. Erau de mare clasa!
– alivenci
-poale-n brau
– malai dulce
– grau fiert , adica baza de la coliva
– cozonaci

-Gomboti cu prune: cartofi fierti,sare,ulei,ou,faina,gris,prune,pesmet,zahar,zahar vanilat,coaja rasa de lamaie,scortisoara pudra
-Poale in brau:
Aluat:faina,untura (unt),galbenusuri,smantana,drojdie proaspata,lapte,zahar,sare,coaja de lamaie
zahar vanilat
Umplutura:branza vaci,oua,zahar,coaja de lamaie,zahar vanilat,stafide
-Pasca cu branza
Aluat: ingredientele de mai sus
Umplutura:750 gr. branza de vaci,unt,smantana,gris,faina,zahar,oua,stafide,rom
coaja rasa de portocala sau lamaie

– paine in tast (tz)
– ostropel de melci,ambele din zona jud. Gorj
– supa de salata,Ardeal
– ciorba de loboda,cu zdrente de ou
– ciorba de dragavei,jud.Gorj
– placinta Dobrogeana, cu iaurt
– ciorba de urzici,cu orez
– mancare de prune
– mancare de pui cu gutui
– ciorba de gaina acrita cu zeama de corcoduse crude
– paine cu untura si ceapa

La noi in Dobrogea traditionala e doar placinta cu branza inca bunica mea ne facea adesea: scovergi peste care obisnuiam sa presaram zahar sau le ungeam cu gem, prajitura cu mere( era formata dintr-un blat subtire peste care se aseza un strat de mere calite cu scortisoara si acoperita cu bezea usor rumenita in cuptor), uscatele ( nu erau favoritele mele) cum de altfel nu erau nici ” corabioarele” (aluat cu amoniac, aromat cu vanilie si taiat in forma de romb), cozonacul pe care fireste il mancam numai la zile festive dar cel mai mult imi placea o prajitura (care sunt convinsa ca se face doar in zona noastra caci cred ca a ajuns la noi pe filiera turca), cu gris si sirop de miere aromat cu flori de iasomie (pe care bunica le usca cu grija) caci n-aveam de portocal. Cam atat!

Vin cu doua tipuri de preparate dulci, din Moldova arhaică.
– Invârtita, cu variantele de dulce și de post.
Bunica dinspre tata facea un aluat din apa, faina si sare din care întindea o foaie perfect rotundă, groasă cat foita de tigara si mare cat o fata de masa. Cu un manunchi de pene de gască o ungea cu ulei, apoi presăra zahăr si miez de nuca, o rula prin rostogolire cu fata de masa iar apoi o rasucea ca pe un melc si o punea in tava. Coacerea se facea la „rolă”, cuptorul sobei cu lemne,
Pentru varianta de dulce, nucile erau inlocuite cu branza si oua.
– Turtele de Ajun cu julfă, un fel de „tort Doboș” in varianta rustică. Se pregatesc (pregăteau, cred ca putem vorbi exclusiv la trecut) o singura data pe an, in ajunul Craciunului, de aceea se mai numesc si scutecele Domnului.
Foile de aluat simplu, fara drojdie, foarte subtiri, se coc pe plita. Apoi se inmoaie intr-un sirop pregatit din apa si zahar sau miere si se stivuiesc pe o farfurie. Intre foi se pune julfă, o fietură din seminte de cânepă batute la piuă. O singura data am mancat, in copilarie, dar de gustul, mirosul si mai ales procesul ritualic al prepararii lor imi amintesc in fiecare an.
Cum canepa este interzisa, julfa a fost inlocuita de nuca macinata. Si aceasta varianta este savuroasa.

mancare de prune uscate care se lafaiau intr un sos de caramel si mancare de gutui care se rumeneau inaite de a fii puse la fiert in sos de zahar ars care avea si ceva faina rumenita in unt mmmmm!! ce bunatate!!
si niste gogosi facute cu terci de malai si putinel zahar lasate la dospit si facute in mana inainte de a fii puse la prajit in ulei ,aveau gust de grau si porumb si o dulceata un gust fin dat de terciul akla erau pufoase si mergeau cu branza cu gem dar si simple gata ca mor de pofta

Gombotii cu prune, unguresti…
Malaiul in lapte, clasicul romanesc…
Placinta cu mere, care fie vorba intre noi e un linzer…
Minciunele, pancove…si orice iese din aluat dospit, se intalneste cu zahar pudra…si sa nu uitam de silvoita :P
Cocorada… Cine poate rata asa ceva cand face bunica minuni in cuptor?
Mere coapte, baigli si cozonac… Mirosul craciunului )
Lapte de pasare? Frantuzesc?
Cineva zicea mai sus de haiose. Fara haiose pamantul nu se mai invarte…
Pasca cu Pasti…
Cornulete cu gem, cu rahat, cu nuca…
Orezul cu lapte si grisul cu lapte?

Desi concursul s-a incheiat, as vrea sa contribui si eu cu ceva la comentarii, asa, de amorul artei :). Cum s-a mai spus inainte, ce inseamna „traditional”? In unele regiuni, traditiile se imbina cu cele ale etniilor conlocuitoare. Apoi, cand, in timp, consideram ca se opreste traditia? Traditia nu poate evolua/nu se poate schimba? De pilda, inainte de Columb nu erau cunoscute porumbul, rosiile si vinetele, din care se fac astazi o seama de preparate „traditionale”. Cum ramane cu preparatele din vremea copilariei noastre, sunt ele traditionale sau nu?
In alta ordine de idei, am sa insir si eu (unele din) deserturile cu care am crescut, caci traditia unora este poate noutate inedita pentru altii. In ordine aleatorie: #
– colacii coarda, adica rulati, nu impletiti (cu mac, nuca si „scoaca”- adica branza dulce, ca pe la noi nu s-a auzit de pasca coacerea acestora din urma era mereu un test de dibacie, deoarece umplutura mai umeda dadea batai de cap)
– branzoaicele (sau „pupureii”) cu aluat de cozonac, mentionati mai sus de cineva
– cremesul (sau cremsnitul, cum am auzit ca i se spune in alte parti ale tarii), facut in intregime in casa in vremurile de restriste comunista, cea mai priceputa in prepararea acestui delicios desert era matusa Silvia, care avea si nepretuitul noroc de a lucra la Avicola, cací cremsnitul cere o gramada de oua imi aduc si acum aminte de iarna inzapezita, matusa (sora bunicii), cu fata roza si usor transpirata deasupra unei creme vanilate, cu vanilia atent dramuita, ca era adusa de peste mari si tari si matusa bombanind vremurile astea, in care nici vanilie nu mai puteai gasi (doar vanilina)
– dobosul facut de aceeasi matusa si decorat cum nu se poate mai frumos de fata ei, care urmase cursurile unei scoli de cofetari
– prajitura Jerbo (Gerbeaud) a mamei, mult mai buna decat cea mancata la cofetaria omonima din Budapesta
– prajiturile „Radio” si „Televizor” (pe astea nu le mai tin minte deloc, doar numele)
– haiosele si cornuletele fragede, umplute cu nuca sau magiun de prune
– prajitura „Ochi de paun”, un bestseller al copilariei mele, cu nuca, visine si aluat fraged
– nelipsitele placinte cu mere, branza si aluat fraged
– prajiturelele cu mac (acum nu mai gasesc de cumparat decat mac cu gust de ranced, nu stiu ce secret de pastrare avea bunica)
– prajitura Rigo Jancsi.
In alta ordine de idei, recomand celor care o pot gasi sa citeasca schita/povestirea Prajitura Lepa Brena, a scriitorului timisorean Daniel Vighi. E savuroasa (povestirea, nu stiu daca si prajitura)! Eu am citit-o mai demult pe internet, acum nu o mai gasesc, banuiesc ca o fi fost inclusa intr-un volum.

Palaniet sau cocorada (depinde de judetul din Ardeal):
– aluat de paine
– se umple cu: prune, branza de burduf si ceapa, mere, prune, cu orice
– se coace in cuptorul de paine pe frunza de varza.
Sa-ti „bati copii, sa-i urci in pod si sa furi scara”.

Pentru ça sunt din Maramures (zona ffff frumoasa à tarii) pot sa nu pomenesc sarmalele.. Este un fel de mancare preferat de toti cred ,m-ai ales daca sunt facute cu varza murata , acra si daca mai punem si un pic de carne afumata la fierbere sunt un deliciu . In acelasi timp sa nu uitam si de un desert pe masura faimoasa placinta cu branza la cuptor , foietajul se topeste in gura iar gustul de branza preparat binenteles cu tôt ceea ce trebuie e grozav…. Multumesc si va astept pe toti sa le gustam…:)))

Malaiul dulce…un fel de chec semidospit cu faina de malai, lapte, oua, arome, etc
Torta de mamaliga cu straturi de mamaliga alternind cu cele de magiun si nuci
…si-ar mai fi.

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Placinte cu branza in tigaie ca la bunica

Vi le recomand cu incredere, chiar. COOKING WITH ANISOARA: PLACINTE MOLDOVENESTI "Poale´n brau". Umplutura de branza de vaci pentru poale-n brau. O sa încerc si eu reteta ta, la soacra mea am mancat cu brânză sarara si marar. Sunt foarte moi, aluatul este subțire, iar umplutura o pun din abundență. Se prăjesc pe tigaie cu minim ulei. Mai ții minte plăcintele bunicii?

Ingrediente: Pentru aluat: vezi reţeta &bdquoAluat pentru plăcinte și învîrtite&rdquo. Din aluatul proaspăt, frămantat pe loc, întindem foaia de plăcintă, mare și. Amestecăm brânza, legăm cu ou, dregem cu mărar și ceapă verde, răsucim aluatul. Am rulat foaia pe sucitor si am derulat sucitorul deasupra tavii, asezand astfel aluatul la locul. Preferatele mele sunt invartitele cu cartofi si marar, dar in aluatul acesta se. Se pot face placinte cu varza acra, cu branza si cozi de ceapa sau. Aluat din făină de grâu pe baza de chefir, brânză de vaci, urdă de vaci, ou, ceapă verde, mărar, ulei vegetal de. In copilarie i se spunea"shuberek", reteta clasica moldoveneasca!

Pentru plăcintele cu brânză vom folosi brânză proaspătă de casă sau de la.

Placinte cu branza in tigaie ca la bunica

Vi le recomand cu incredere, chiar. COOKING WITH ANISOARA: PLACINTE MOLDOVENESTI "Poale´n brau". Umplutura de branza de vaci pentru poale-n brau. O sa încerc si eu reteta ta, la soacra mea am mancat cu brânză sarara si marar. Sunt foarte moi, aluatul este subțire, iar umplutura o pun din abundență. Se prăjesc pe tigaie cu minim ulei. Mai ții minte plăcintele bunicii?

Ingrediente: Pentru aluat: vezi reţeta &bdquoAluat pentru plăcinte și învîrtite&rdquo. Din aluatul proaspăt, frămantat pe loc, întindem foaia de plăcintă, mare și. Amestecăm brânza, legăm cu ou, dregem cu mărar și ceapă verde, răsucim aluatul. Am rulat foaia pe sucitor si am derulat sucitorul deasupra tavii, asezand astfel aluatul la locul. Preferatele mele sunt invartitele cu cartofi si marar, dar in aluatul acesta se. Se pot face placinte cu varza acra, cu branza si cozi de ceapa sau. Aluat din făină de grâu pe baza de chefir, brânză de vaci, urdă de vaci, ou, ceapă verde, mărar, ulei vegetal de. In copilarie i se spunea"shuberek", reteta clasica moldoveneasca!

Pentru plăcintele cu brânză vom folosi brânză proaspătă de casă sau de la.

Leco sau Tocana Slovaca de Ardei Gras

- am tocat ceapa solzisori
- am pus ceapa tocata impreuna cu uleiul in tigaia rece pe foc si am adaugat un praf de sare, focul foarte mic in asa fel incit ceapa sa se inabuse si nu sa se arda, daca vi se pare ca incepe sa se lipeasca adaugati citeiva linguri cu apa, puneti capacul si sa lasati sa se inmoaie ceapa

- am taiat ardeii fideluta si ii adaufgam peste ceapa in tigaie, focul mereu intre mic si mediu si lasam sa fiarba
- cind ardeii sunt putin inmuiati adaugati rosiile si lasati pe foc pina cind daca apasati cu lingura de lemn pe o bucata de ardei acesta se rupe cu multa usurinta.

Sosul trebuie sa scada, ardeii si ceapa sa fie moi . gustati de sare la sfirsit si daca mai e nevoie mai adaugati.

Daca va place mai picant adaugati putin ardei iute.
Eu am servit cu ou ochi dar este o mincare ideala pentru post servita asa simpla.
Lečo la slovaci, cehi, Letscho la nemti, leczo la polonezi, Lecso la unguri, Лечо la ucrainieni, probabil ca in vestul Romaniei daca se face cu siguranta s-a impriumutat si numele nu doar reteta de la vecini in timp ce in Tara Romaneasca sigur nu se poate numi altfel decit "tocana de ardei gras": buuun:

Reteta baza: ulei sau untura+ceapa+ardei gras+rosii +sare . la care fiecare tara mai adauga cite ceva _
- ungurii paprica: lol: si in anumite retete cirnat Debretin
- slovacii si cehii un cirnat pe care il numesc "polonez" (deci cine are virsta mea isi aminteste polonezii de la alimentara din copilaria noastra.. despre ei e vorba dupa poze ca nu stiu la gust cum e 8) ).

- tot cehii si slovacii mai fac si o varianta in care la sfirsit adauga oua in tigaia cu tocana si in timp ce tin tigaia pe foc amesteca pina cind ouale se coc/incheaga.. un fel de papara
- polonezii adauga si dovlecel, usturoi, cirnat, si boia iute

Eu m-am luat dupa un video de pe youtube, reteta de Leco pregatita de o bunicuta de 90 de primaveri, o gasiti daca o sa cautati dupa Babinka cooking Lecho - Babinka vari Leco.

Amintiri din copilarie. Mancaruri cu care ne rasfatau bunicii pe vremuri

Indiferent din ce zona a tarii am fi, cu totii avem niste mancaruri la care ne gandim cu melancolie si la care poftim ori de cate ori ne amintim de copilarie. Noi, recunoastem, le-am manca oricand cu mai multa pofta decat preparatele dintr-un restaurant de lux.

Curiosi sa vedem ce mancaruri le amintesc cititorilor de copilarie, i-am provocat sa ne scrie pe pagina noastra de Facebook, cu riscul sa ni se faca pofta :)

Heciu Ionela: &ldquoEu imi amintesc mai degraba de un desert si anume de coltunasii bunicii cu branza de vaci facuti sub forma de triunghi, fierti in apa iar la final presarati cu zahar&rdquo.

Maria Anghel: &ldquoTaietei cu nuca, lapte de pasare si vinete proaspat facute calde inca de la copt cu paine proaspata si rosii cu gust de rosii&rdquo

Dan Ruxandra: &ldquoCiorba de loboda&rdquo

Ioana Siman: &ldquoMar ras cu biscuiti si scortisoara&rdquo.

Gica Ionica: &ldquoSupa de taietei de casa si placinta cu branza&rdquo

Marina Priboianu: &ldquoCartofi prajiti, inabusiti, in ceaun, facuti in untura cu bucatele afumate (jumari, carnati, muschiulet), mancati cu mamaliguta si muraturi din butoi, aduse din beci&rdquo.

Victor Ioncu: &ldquoTurta de malai coapta in țest si pasat de porumb cu lapte și ou&rdquo.

Mihaela Monica: &rdquoTataia ne facea iarna cartofi copti in soba cu mujdei de ustoroi. Erau deliciosi. Si acum simt mirosul lor, parca ii vad cu cenusa pe ei&rdquo.

Emilia Marcoci: &ldquoPastai cu smantana si maliguta , facute de bunicuta mea draga&rdquo.

Irina Constantin: &ldquoLapte de pasare si ciulama de pui. Si cartofii prajiti ai bunicii!&rdquo

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 am sa traduc mai tarziu aceasta reteta , dar din poze , sper ca este inteles tot. reteta o gasiti mai jos.


Что я хочу отметить здесь, чтобы запомнить: я здесь распишу общие принципы как растягивать это тесто.


В данном случае у вас есть сравнение с изделями , приготовленными из этого теста Наташикой на страницу назад. Я специально делала немного по другому , чтобы вы имели разнообразие и понятие об этом тесте .
Но вообщем , конечный результат ВКУС ДОМАШНЕГО СЛОЕННОГО, ДРОЖЖЕВОГО ИЗДЕЛИЯ но по более быстрому и легкому методу.

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