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Mint tea with lemon - Ice tea

Mint tea with lemon - Ice tea

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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Mint tea with lemon - Ice tea:

Make an infusion of boiling water and mint and let it cool. Add sugar or honey to taste and mix very well. After cooling, pour into glasses and add lemon juice to taste. It is served with fresh mint leaves and pieces of lemon and of course a lot of ice, if your throat doesn't hurt :)))

Iso Tonic 40gr - Lemon ICE TEA BiotechUSA

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IsoTonic (Endurance Iso Rade) is quickly absorbed due to its rich nutrient content. It is ideal for all types of training.

Hydrates and charges the body with a surplus of energy throughout the workout.

Administration method:

Dissolve the contents of one sachet of IsoTonic in 300 ml. water and take the supplement during training or immediately after training.

When you sweat, you lose some of the fluids and substances that make up your body. ISOTonic is the ideal solution for hydration. This isotonic soft drink will help replenish the body's fluids, restore the body's energy and replace all the nutrients lost through sweating. Due to its carefully combined ingredients, the body does not lose performance. Say goodbye to muscle cramps and slow body energizing routines and enjoy tasty ISOTonic solutions!

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A combined solution

Pure water, bottled chicken soup, watermelon puree and sifted: athletes have various solutions for hydration, but are unable to provide all the elements together. However, this is possible with ISOTonic, in which case ISOTonic outperforms all other correct hydration solutions: along with water, sugars are sent to energy stores in the cells, muscle minerals and all this at a time.

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- Carbohydrate Matrix (Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Palatinose): 33.6 g,

- Vitamin and Mineral Blend (Sodium (as trisodium citrate): 300 mg,

- Calcium (as monocalcium phosphate): 120 mg (RDA * 15%),

- Potassium (as tripotassium citrate): 100 mg (RDA * 5%),

- Magnesium (as magnesium carbonate): 80 mg (RDA * 21%),

- Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 32 mg (RDA * 40%),

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- Vitamin B1 (as thiamine mononitrate): 0,5 mg (* RDA 45%)),

- Citric acid, flavors, anti caking agent (E341), sweetener (E955), color (E110 **).

The soft drink market is starting to rule out orange flavor

According to a new report prepared by specialists Candean from Beverage Insight, the dynamics of flavors on the soft drinks market (juices, nectars and ice teas) develop rapidly, as the taste changes from the traditional orange to a diverse range of blends and flavors. High prices for natural orange juices and the financial crisis have accelerated this process while soft drink producers see a multitude of fruit combinations with two or three different flavors that offer more economical options.

The report of the new trends in flavorings for soft drinks shows that only one in five liters of juice sold is the classic orange flavor. Five years ago this figure was between 23% and 24%.

The abundance of fresh fruit sold on the street, especially in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, has resulted in the inclination of consumers in the most developed areas of the world (Western Europe, North America) to consume juices. Many of these markets have shown signs of maturation, being necessary a wide range of flavors to improve products of this type and to maintain consumer interest. This has led to the expansion of the range of flavors, cocktails and other fruit blends on the market, orange is no longer listed the same.

Innovations in the area of ​​new flavors not only aim to reduce costs during high prices or develop new taste ideas, but also have a critical role in improving products.

Improving products in mature markets is very important, an example being the development of the so-called "superfruit" segment. Flavors such as acai, blueberry or pomegranate are presented as strictly natural, without the addition of vitamins and minerals artificially.

The share of orange flavor may be declining, but the number two fruit in popularity, lemon, is advancing to the top. This is due to the popularity of an Asian ice tea and an unpackaged soft drink from India, both with a lemon flavor. Other factors that have contributed to this are the growing consumption of lemonade in Turkey and the popularity of aromatic water in Poland, as well as other examples in Eastern Europe. Nongfushanquan's pioneering work in China in producing new vitaminized flavored water variants has led to rapid growth in the Chinese market and stimulated the use of lemon. The high demand for ice tea on the Asian market is confirmed by the fact that products based on green tea, without flavor make up almost 90% of the total consumption volume of the region, helping this flavor to reach the third place, with 10% of global sales.

The Canadian report tracks trends in flavor innovation and helps highlight the fact that at least in the short term the orange flavor does not hold the leading position, with stakeholders in the fruit beverage industry being less vulnerable to high growths for orange juice. The new flavor options offer immunity to such growths and make the industry less dependent on oranges as the base flavor.

Very pleasant cruise

After a cruise in 2010 with Royal Caribbean International, the ship Vision of the seas, with destinations Turkey and Israel, which we were delighted with, I said let's go again this year with Royal Caribbean International, with a ship all from the Vision class, respectively Rhapsody of the seas. The Vision class ships are currently the oldest and smallest in the Royal Caribbean, with about 20 years of operation. The ships older than those in the Vision class, respectively those in the Sovereign class were taken over by the Pullmantur company.

I bought the cruise in February, during the Wave Seazon period, when each cruise line has various special offers. I took the BOGO offer, which means "buy one get one free", and in addition this cruise line also discounts people over 55 years old. It costs for a young adult and a 55+ only 1350 eur for 12 nights, with all taxes included and the tip included. The tip could have been paid on board, at the end of the trip, this being 129 eur per person. In the price paid, I also had a gift of $ 25 per person to spend on board, which, however, would not be given cash if you did not spend it.

The ship Rhapsody of the seas has a capacity of 2535 passengers and 765 crew members, a total of 3300. It was built in 1997, renovated in 2012 and will be renovated again later this year. He went through an incident on April 25, 2016, when on the route Barcelona Corsica, at 4.30 in the morning, during a strong storm, the windows of 6 cabins on deck 3 broke, water flooded inside flooding the corridor and there were about 50 cabins, but no one was seriously injured, some were sent home with compensation and others were moved to other cabins left vacant. They repaired the cabins and replaced the carpet so that it was no longer known.

Being an American company, all the expenses on board were made in dollars, and if you had euros, the conversion was made at the international exchange rate plus a 2% commission. For this reason, I was advised by the agency to have dollars with me, which I wanted to deposit at the beginning of the trip, as a cash deposit, as I did every time on cruises with Costa and MSC. But it was not necessary, because you did not have to deposit anything, but only to pay at the end what you spent, cash or by card. I didn't take a package of drinks, because they only had all-inclusive packages, with daily cost, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, not having packages of drinks like the other cruises with a certain number of bottles of wine, water, beer, cocktails, etc. The only package with a certain number of bottles was Evian water, but when you hear about this company, you realize that you are scared of the price. In fact, there was no need to buy packages of drinks, because from each port you were allowed to go up with 2 bottles of 750 ml wine or champagne, water, juices and unlimited beer, provided you do not come with them to drink them. at the restaurant or at the bar, meaning you can drink them in the cabin or on the open decks. At the table at the a la carte restaurant the waiter brought you drinking water with ice, which he poured from a carafe into glasses, as much as you wanted, and at the buffet and on the deck you could drink at any time of the day or night, from dispensers: water, ice cubes, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot milk, canned milk, several kinds of juices, apples, strawberries, oranges, lemon, ice tea, some of which are sugar-free, with sweeteners . Also, throughout the day, on the pool deck were two self-service ice cream cones, with 3 positions: vanilla, vanilla and cocoa, or cocoa.

You could eat at the large self-service buffet on deck 9, where the pools were located, called Windjammer, as with all Royal Caribbean vessels, at the indoor pool buffet, also on deck 9, which was open outside of hours when Windjammer was open. , where it was not self-service, but you asked for what you wanted in front of showcases and two waiters prepared salads and sandwiches with whatever ingredients you wanted, pizza, cakes and after lunch were self-service about 3 dishes kept in stainless steel dishes like to be warm. Here we rushed when we lost our meal at the buffet, because we stayed longer on the shore. At the a la carte restaurant, Edelweiss, you could have breakfast and dinner every day, and lunch only on days at sea. Those who had breakfast or lunch at the restaurant had the opportunity to socialize with other people every day, because the distribution of meals was done in the order of arrival. At dinner, everyone had a set meal, the same throughout the cruise, at the set meal series: the first at 6 p.m., the second at 9 p.m. go to the buffet or wait for the second series to receive you at the tables at which the holders did not show up in a quarter of an hour. Although at the restaurant the food was extraordinary, as at the big fitze restaurants, and the waiters were very attentive, friendly and caring with the customers, and at the buffet you could eat seafood, salmon, turkey or something else on the roaster, and you can choose how many dishes you want, what amount you want from each. I said that some people prefer to eat at a restaurant to socialize and the Americans, who were the majority on the ship, are very friendly and sociable, unlike the Italians on the MSC and Costa ships.

Although on Vision of the seas I had met 6 more Romanians, and last year there were almost a hundred Romanians on the cruise embarkation from Constanta, this time none of the tourists were from Romania, but only about 40 Romanians members of the crew: waiters, shopkeepers, chefs, etc. I heard two couples speaking Romanian, but some were from Canada, others from America. Most of the tourists were from America, others from Canada, from South America, and therefore the languages ​​spoken on the ship were English, Spanish and Portuguese. On deck 9 there was an outdoor pool, an indoor pool with a retractable roof and 6 jacuzzis, which were probably defective, but for the safety of tourists there were no more bubble jets not to harm their health, they only had a few jets of hot water. And in the jacuzzi, those eager for conversation gathered. The average age of the passengers was quite advanced, there were not many children because it was not the holiday period, maybe only elderly parents with adult children, or parents with small and preschool children. The animation was to the taste of the third generation, with the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Every night they organized karaoke, because it is the easiest to do animation with the help of tourists. Out of 12 evenings, only in 3 evenings there were broadway shows, in another evening a group of singers who got on the ship, held the Queen tribute performance, sold their own CD and then went down, in other evenings there were circuses or comedians like those who participate in shows like Romanians have talent, and in 2 evenings there was an acrobatics show in the atrium, that is, in the middle of the ship where there is an empty place 6 storeys high. I found the shows on Vision of the seas and other MSC and Costa ships much better. Also in terms of animation, it was better organized at MSC, respectively competitions, dance classes, pool gymnastics.

An interesting activity on this ship, as well as on Vision of the seas, is climbing on the climbing wall on deck 10, at the tail of the ship, of course as a more youthful activity. There was also a ping pong table, a mini golf course and a ball court, but they did not have water slides. On the deck with the outdoor pool there was a large screen, during which during the day there were various places to visit and in the evening movies were played, quite recent, but the cold of the evenings in May prevents you from watching them. In the room I had a TV with advertising stations for excursions on the shore, news stations and movie stations, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. We didn't have a minibar in the room, so on the last night when someone came to do the inventory at the minibar, we were really surprised, in fact he had come to see if we drank the Evian water bottles that were put on the table.

A big advantage of this cruise was that the stops in the ports were from 7 or 8 in the morning until 17 or 18, allowing you to go on your own to the ports without worrying that you could lose the ship, and then buy organized trips. , as they were at the other cruise lines, ie stops for only half a day. And on the penultimate and last day, the ship stopped in the same port as Venice, which had the advantage that you could be late no matter how late. But about the itinerary and the shore excursions, I will write other impressions.

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